Acson Air Conditioner Error Codes

Acson Air Conditioner Error Codes The code indication changes as shown below, and notifies with a long beep. Listed here is the Acson Air Conditioner Error Codes and how to troubleshoot. The Acson AC Error Codes tells you that there is an issue. This Acson AC Error Code will tell you weather the error is from withing the AC or is it due to something external unit. If you know the Meaning of the Error code then it will be very easy to troubleshoot and resolve the issue and fix Acson AC quickly and easily. Just Check the manual, then get it serviced or have it repaired or replace it. We have given the Error Code List for Acson Air Conditioners.

Acson Air Conditioner Error Code Solutions

Wall Mounted AC Inverter Unit

Error CodesOperation / Faulty Indication
E1Room air sensor contact loose / short. Check room sensor connection / change room sensor
E2Indoor coil sensor contact open. Check indoor coil sensor connection / change indoor coil sensor
E3Outdoor coil sensor contact open. Check outdoor coil sensor connection / change outdoor coil sensor
E4Compressor overload protection / Indoor / Outdoor coil sensor short. If running ampere highly increase, change the compressor. If not, replace the coil sensor
E5Gas leak. Check for leakage & repair / Top up refrigerant
E6Pump fault. Clear the clogging at drain pipe. If pump is not working, change the pump
E7Outdoor coil sensor exist (MS model). Remove outdoor coil sensor
E8Hardware error (tact switch pin short). Check for the tact switch pin condition
E9No Feedback from indoor fan. Check indoor fan motor / fan motor wiring
EEEEPROM defrost

Error Codes for G18 and GS02 – Inverter Y Models

Netware 3C / SLM 9 – Inverter Y Models (Except 5WMY-J/JR)

Error CodesProblem
U0Insufficient gas
U2DC voltage out of range
U4Communication error
U7Signal transmission error (on outdoor unit PCB)
UAInstallation error
UFCommunication Error (indoor and outdoor) piping and wiring
UHAnti-freeze function in other room
A1Indoor PCB error
A3Water pump error
A6Indoor fan motor abnormal
C4Indoor heat exchanger thermistor short/ open
C9Indoor room thermistor short/ open
E1Outdoor PCB error
E3High pressure protection
E4Low pressure protection
E5Compressor motor lock
E6Compressor start-up error
E7Outdoor DC fan motor lock
E8Ac input over current
E9EXV error
EA4-way valve error
F3Discharge pipe overheat
F6Heat exchanger overheat
H0Compressor sensor system abnormality
H3High pressure switch error
H6Position sensor abnormality
H8AC current sensor error
H9Outdoor air thermistor short / open
J1Pressure sensor error
J3Compressor discharge pipe thermistor short /open / misplaced
J5Suction pipe thermistor short/ open
J6Outdoor heat exchanger
J7Subcooling heat exchanger thermistor short/ open
J8Liquid pipe thermistor short/ open
J9Gas pipe thermistor abnormality
LCCommunication error (control PCB and inverter PCB)
L1Outdoor PCB error
L3Electrical box temperature rise
L4Heat sink overheat
L5IPM error / IGBT error
L9Stall prevention
P1Open phase or voltage unbalance
P4Heat sink thermistor short / open
PJCapacity setting error
Netware 3C – SLM 9 – Inverter Y Models

Sequential Controller (SQ LCD) – SB & RT Multi Compressors

Error CodesFaulty Indication
E01Require manual reset (possible causes)
E02Compressor 1 high temperature (overload)
E03Compressor 2 high temperature (overload)
E04Compressor 3 high temperature (overload)
E05Compressor 4 high temperature (overload)
E06Compressor 1 high pressure trip / contact open
E07Compressor 2 high pressure trip / contact open
E08Compressor 3 high pressure trip / contact open
E09Compressor 4 high pressure trip / contact open
E10Compressor 1 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E11Compressor 2 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E12Compressor 3 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E13Compressor 4 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal
E14Room sensor short
E15Room sensor open
E16Indoor coil sensor 1 short
E17Indoor coil sensor 2 short
E18Indoor coil sensor 3 short
E19Indoor coil sensor 4 short
E20Indoor coil sensor 1 open
E21Indoor coil sensor 2 open
E22Indoor coil sensor 3 open
E23Indoor coil sensor 4 open
E24Outdoor coil sensor 1 short
E25Outdoor coil sensor 2 short
E26Outdoor coil sensor 3 short
E27Outdoor coil sensor 4 short
E28Outdoor coil sensor 1 open
E29Outdoor coil sensor 2 open
E30Outdoor coil sensor 3 open
E31Outdoor coil sensor 4 open
E32Compressor 1 de-ice
E33Compressor 2 de-ice
E34Compressor 3 de-ice
E35Compressor 4 de-ice

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301)

Error CodesMeaning
F3Sensor Broken (indoor outlet coil)
F4Sensor Broken (indoor return air)
F5Sensor Broken (indoor supply air)
F6Indoor and controller communication malfunction
F7Ambient temp exceed the limit
F84WV malfunction
F9Refrigerant leakage
FAController storage malfunction
FBWater Pump (indoor water pump)
FCIndoor and outdoor communication malfunction
FEMaster and slave communication malfunction
H0Digital comp overload
H1Fixed Comp1 overload
H2Fixed Comp2 overload
H3Fixed Comp3 overload
H4High pressure too high
H5Sensor broken, high pressure
H6Discharge temp too high
L0Super heat too low
L1Low pressure too low
L2Sensor broken, low pressure
10System malfunction
11Sensor broken (slave TH1 discharge temp)
12Sensor broken (slave TH2 inlet coil 1#)
13Sensor Broken (slave TH3 mid coil 1#)
14Sensor broken (slave TH4 inlet coil 2#)
15Sensor broken (slave TH5 mid coil 2#)
16Sensor broken (slave TH6 inlet coil 3#)
17Sensor broken (slave TH7 mid coil 3#)
18Sensor broken (slave TH8 ambient temp)
19Sensor broken (slave TH9 outlet coil)
1ASensor broken (slave TH10 subcool outlet)
1BSensor broken (slave TH11 subcool suction)
1CSensor Broken (slave TH12 suction)
1FEmergency run (slave)
20Outdoor storage (slave)
27Ambient temp exceed the limit (slave)
284WV malfunction (slave)
29Refrigerant leakage (slave)
30Digital comp overload (slave)
31Fixed comp1 overload (slave)
32Fixed comp2 overload (slave)
33Fixed comp 3 overload (slave)
34High pressure too high (slave)
35Sensor broken, high pressure (slave)
36Discharge temp too high (slave)
40Super heat too low (slave)
41Low pressure too low (slave)
42Sensor broken, low pressure (slave)

R410A Multi Digital Scroll System MDS-B Series

Error CodesMeaning
EC0000## indoor unit communication
EC0101# indoor unit communication failure
….02~47# indoor unit communication failure
ER48Digital Compressor Overload
ER49Fix 1 Compressor Overload
ER50Fix 2 Compressor Overload
ER51Fix 3 Compressor Overload
ER52Discharge pressure too high
ER53Suction pressure is too low
ER54Outdoor unit’s IC error
ER55System Error
ER56Discharge temperature is too high
ER584 way valve failure
ER59Ambient temperature is beyond the limit
ER60Emergency run
ER61Sub heating is beyond the limit
ER62Refrigerant released
ER63Slaver outdoor unit communication failure
ER64TH1 temperature sensor failure
ER65TH2 temperature sensor failure
ER66TH3 temperature sensor failure
ER67TH4 temperature sensor failure
ER68TH5 temperature sensor failure
ER69TH6 temperature sensor failure
ER70TH7 temperature sensor failure
ER71TH8 temperature sensor failure
ER72TH9 temperature sensor failure
ER73TH10 temperature sensor failure
ER74TH11 temperature sensor failure
ER75TH12 temperature sensor failure
ER76Discharge pressure sensor failure
ER77Suction pressure sensor failure
EC78All indoor units Communication Failure

LED Lights Diagnosis Table


If any malfunction of the air conditioner unit is noted, immediately switch off the power supply to the unit. Check the following fault conditions and causes for some simple troubleshooting tips.

Fault: The compressor does not operate 3 minutes after the air conditioner unit is started.

Causes / Action: -Protection against frequent starting. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes for the compressor to start operating.

Fault: The air conditioner unit does not operate.

Causes / Action:

– Power failure, or the fuse needs to be replaced.
– The power plug is disconnected.
– It is possible that your delay timer has been set incorrectly.
– If the fault persist after all these verifications, please contact the air conditioner unit installer.

Fault: The air flow is too low

Causes / Action:

– The air filter is dirty.
– The doors or windows are open.
– The air suction and discharge are clogged.
– The regulated temperature is not high enough

Fault: Discharge air flow has bad odour.

Causes / Action:

– Odours may be caused by cigarettes, smoke particles, perfume etc. which might have adhered onto the coil.

Fault: Condensation on the front air grille of the indoor unit.

Causes / Action:

– This is caused by air humidity after an extended long period of operation.
– The set temperature is too low, increase the temperature setting and operate the unit at high fan speed.

Fault: Water flowing out from the air conditioner unit.

Causes / Action: – Switch off unit and call dealer

Fault: Hissing air flow sound from the air conditioner unit during operation.

Causes / Action: – Refrigerant fluid flowing into the evaporator coil

If the fault persists, please call your local dealer / serviceman

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