Blue Star Air Conditioner Error Codes
Blue Star Air Conditioner Error Codes

Blue Star Air Conditioner Error Codes

Blue Star Air Conditioner Error Codes Blue Star Ductable AC, Window AC, Inverter AC error codes list; Whenever Blue Star ACs throw up error codes on the screen, the consumers have no idea what these error codes mean. If the consumers know what the error codes mean they can help to diagnose the problem in their AC. We have compiled a list of all Blue Star AC error codes and what they mean for your convenience. If the consumers know the problems they are facing, they can relay accurate information to the maintenance team or repair the AC unit themselves. Here is the complete list of Blue Star AC Error Codes.

Blue Star Air Conditioner Error Code Solutions

Error CodesProblem
E1ODU coil medium-high error
E2IDU coil frozen protection
E4Discharge temperature high error
E5AC input over current protection
E6Communication error
E8Zero crossing error
ECRefrigerant leak detection
F1Indoor room temperature sensor error
F2IDU coil temperature sensor error
F3Ambient temperature sensor error
F4ODU coil temperature sensor error
F5ODU discharge temperature sensor error
P3Drive phase current over load fault
P4DC bus bar high voltage and low voltage protection
P7IPM error
P5Compressor phase current protection
P8IPM over high temperature protection
PHAC over voltage and under voltage protection
L1Drive phase voltage over load protection
L2Drive phase voltage over low protection
L3Outdoor DC fan fault
L4Phase current sampling abnormal
LCCompressor out of step fault
LCCompressor startup failure
H6IDU fan motor error


Symptoms: Unit does not start

Possible Causes: MCB has tripped

Suggested Remedy: Reset MCB

Symptoms: Fuse has burnt

Possible Causes:

  1. Input voltage to the stabiliser is below acceptable range
  2. Replace fuse wire

Suggested Remedy:

  1. If the input voltage to the stabiliser is below the acceptable range, the airconditioner will not turn on

Symptoms: Unit does not cool even after the normal time delay of approx. 2 minutes

Possible Causes:

  1. Compressor is off (not in Auto or Cool Mode)
  2. The airflow paths of either or both the indoor & outdoor units are not free
  3. The air-filter is not clean

Suggested Remedy:

  1. Use the remote to turn the compressor on
  2. Remove all obstructions to make the airflow paths free
  3. Clean the air-filter

NOTE: If the unit still does not work, or if any other types of symptoms are encountered, shut off the mains (switch fuse unit) and call the service engineer/technician.

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