Demirdöküm Air Conditioner Error Codes
Demirdöküm Air Conditioner Error Codes

Demirdöküm Air Conditioner Error Codes

Demirdöküm Air Conditioner Error Codes and Solutions. What You Should Do Before Calling Demirdöküm Air Conditioning Service. Air conditioners that are neglected, misused or worn out over time can fail. In order to prevent these malfunctions, you should not delay the periodic maintenance of your air conditioner. Faults encountered as a result of neglected maintenance can be corrected with the intervention of a personal or technical team.

Demirdöküm Air Conditioner Error Code Solutions

Things to do before calling service and simple faults:

The system does not restart immediately.
  • 3 minutes are required to protect the system when the unit is stopped. Wait.
  • The protection circuit works for 3 minutes to protect the air conditioner unit when the power plug is removed and inserted. Wait.
System is not working.
  • Make sure the power plug is plugged in.
  • Reconnect the power supply.
  • If the fuse has blown, replace it.
Low cooling performance.
  • Avoid direct sunlight into the room.
  • Check the heat sources in the room.
The air conditioner does not cool / heat effectively.
  • Improper temperature setting may have been made. Set the temperature correctly.
  • Remove any obstructions in front of the air inlet and outlet.
  • Close the doors and windows in the house.
  • Make sure that the air inlet and outlet of the indoor and outdoor units are not blocked. If the problem persists, call our Demirdöküm air conditioner repair service.
Odors are formed.
  • Check that the odor is not caused by moisture in the furniture and clothes in the room. Otherwise, call our Demirdöküm air conditioner service call center.
Air conditioner is noisy.
  • If there is a sound as if water is flowing, it is normal.
  • If the sound is too loud and air is coming from the unit stream, the filters are dirty, clean them. If it reaches a disturbing level, call our Demirdöküm air conditioner service call center.
Mist and steam come out of the unit.
  • The indoor unit may produce steam while the COOL and DRY mode are in operation. This is due to the sudden cooling of the indoor air. In extreme cases, you can get information from our Demdirdöküm air conditioner service teams.

Demirdöküm Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Thanks to Demirdöküm air conditioner fault codes, you will immediately understand the problem of your device and you will be able to direct our teams. You will even solve simple faults yourself, saving time and repair costs.

Fault CodesCause of Fault Codes
E1, E2, E3, E4Temperature sensor malfunction
E5Connection error between indoor and outdoor unit
E6Outdoor unit protection
E10Compressor suction pressure problem
E13Compressor phase problem
P4The temperature of the indoor coil is too low or too high
P5Outdoor unit condenser temperature too high
P7Outdoor unit discharge temperature too high
P9Anti-cold weather function
P10Discharge pressure protection
P11Suction pressure protection
P12Current overload protection
HSDefrosting begins

Demirdöküm Model T410-F Air Conditioner Fault Error Codes

  • E1 Lights 1 time Indoor unit temperature sensor error
  • E2 lights up 2 times Indoor unit pipe temperature sensor
  • E3 Lights up 5 times. It is for protection from wrong electrical connection/High current/Low pressure.

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