Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Codes
Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Codes

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Codes

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Codes Fujitsu error codes normally appear on the air conditioner’s display to let you know when something has gone awry. But before you can even pinpoint the exact cause of the issue, you will need to know the error code definition and what it means for your unit.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Error Code Solutions


  • Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Fujitsu Wall Mounted Air Conditioner
  • Fujitsu Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner
  • Service manual, installation manual pdf

This model is non-insulated PCB that doesn’t take the insulated structure on the PCB from this fiscal year. Be careful that it is likely to get a hock when it touches the charge part when checking. Moreover, there is a possibility of getting a shock even if it touches the secondary circuit of the display PCB or the stepping motor, etc.

Fujitsu AC Wired Remote Controller Error Codes

When EE:EE is displayed on remote control , press “Energy Save” & “Zone Control” buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 secs. The error code will then be displayed on the LCD.

Fujitsu AC Hardwired Remote Controller System Error Codes
Error CodesMeaning
E0:00Coms error – indoor to remote
E1:00Coms error – indoor to outdoor
E2:00Return air thermistor open circuit
E3:00Return air thermistor short circuit
E4:00Indoor coil thermistor open
E5:00Indoor coil thermistor shorted
E6:00Outdoor coil thermistor open
E7:00Outdoor coil thermistor shorted
EA:00Outdoor ambient thermistor open
Eb:00Outdoor ambient thermistor shorted
Ec:00Discharge pipe themistor open
Ed:00Discharge pipe thermistor shorted
EE:00High Pressure problem
EF:00Discharge pipe temp. Problem – too high = short of gas
OOID to RC Comms Fail
O1ID to OD Comms Fail
O2ID Air Sensor Open
O3ID Air Sensor Close
O4ID Pipe Sensor Open
O5ID Pipe Sensor Close
O6OD Pipe Sensor Fail
O8Power Source Connection Failure
O9Drain Problem Float switch operated
OAOD Air Sensor Fail
OCDischarge sensor Fail
OEOutdoor High Pressure Heatsink error
11OD PCB Fail
12ID Fan Fail
13OD Signal Abnormal ID signal error
15Compressor Temp Failure
16Pressure Switch Error
17IPM Error
18CT Error
19Active Filter Module Error
1ACompressor Failure
1BOD Fan Failure
1CInverter to PCB Comms Fail
1D2 Way Valve sensor Fail
1EExpansion Valve Error
1FConnection ID Unit Error
20Indoor manual switch abnormal
24Excessive high pressure protection on cooling
25PFC circuit error
26Indoor signal error
27Indoor signal error
28Indoor heat exchanger temperature error
29Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (middle) error
2APower supply frequency detection error
2BCompressor temperature error
2CFour-way valve abnormal

Press “Energy Save” & “Zone Control” buttons simultaneously for longer than 3 secs to return to normal operating mode.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Operation Light Flashing

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Cassette Error Codes
Red Light OperationGreen Light TimerCurrent Models
Off2 FlashesReverse Comms Fail at Startup
Off3 FlashesReverse Comms Fail In Use
Off4 FlashesForward Comms Fail at Startup
Off5 FlashesForward Comms Fail In Use
Off8 FlashesWired Remote Control Failure
2 Flashes2 FlashesIndoor Air Sensor Fail
2 Flashes3 FlashesIndoor Pipe Sensor Fail
2 Flashes4 FlashesIndoor heat exchanger sensor error
2 Flashes6 FlashesFloat switch operated
3 Flashes2 FlashesOD Disch Sensor Fail
3 Flashes3 FlashesOD Pipe Sensor Fail
3 Flashes4 FlashesOD Air Sensor Fail
3 Flashes7 FlashesHeatsink Sensor Error
3 Flashes8 FlashesCompressor Temp Sensor Fail
4 Flashes2 FlashesForced Auto Switch Welded
4 Flashes3 FlashesMain Relay Welded
4 Flashes4 FlashesPower Failure
4 Flashes7 FlashesVDD Permament Stop Protection
4 Flashes8 FlashesReverse VDD Permament Stop
5 Flashes2 FlashesIPM Protection
5 Flashes3 FlashesCT Abnormal
5 Flashes5 FlashesCompressor Failure
5 Flashes6 FlashesOutdoor Fan Failure
6 Flashes2 FlashesID Fan Motor Locked
Flashes3 FlashesID Fan Motor Rotation Error
7 Flashes2 FlashesHigh Discharge Temperature
7 Flashes3 FlashesHigh Pressure
7 Flashes4 Flashes4-Way valve abnormal
7 Flashes5 FlashesPressure Switch Fail
7 Flashes6 FlashesCompressor Temperature error
8 Flashes2 FlashesActive Filter AFM Fail 1st Time
8 Flashes3 FlashesActive Filter AFM Fail 2nd Time
8 Flashes4 FlashesPFC Circuit Error
BlinkingBlinkingPCB Failure
Wall Mounted Multi Models
All Other Wireless Indoor Units AUY, ABY & AWY Models. Including Multi Systems (Not J Series or VRF)

If you use a wired type remote controller, error codes will appear on the remote controller display. If you use a wireless remote controller, the lamp on the photodetector unit will output error codes by way of blinking patterns. See the lamp blinking patterns and error codes in the table below. An error display is displayed only during operation.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Flashing Lights- J2, A1, A3, A5

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

In the event of a malfunction (burning smell, etc.), immediately stop operation, disconnect the Power Supply Plug, and consult authorized service personnel. Merely turning off the unit’s power switch will not completely disconnect the unit from the power source. Always be sure to disconnect the Power Supply Plug or turn off your circuit breaker to ensure that power is completely off.

Before requesting service, perform the following checks:

Symptom: Doesn’t operate immediately


  • If the unit is stopped and then immediately started again, the compressor will not operate for about 3 minutes, in order to prevent fuse blowouts.
  • Whenever the Power Supply Plug is disconnected and then re- connected to a power outlet, the protection circuit will operate for about 3 minutes, preventing unit operation during that period.

Symptom: Noise is heard


  • During operation and immediately after stopping the unit, the sound of water flowing in the air conditioner’s piping may be heard. Also, noise may be particularly noticeable for about 2 to 3 minutes after starting operation (sound of coolant flowing).
  • During operation, a slight squeaking sound may be heard. This is the result of minute expansion and contraction of the front cover due to temperature changes.
  • During Heating operation, a sizzling sound may be heard occasional. This sound is produced by the Automatic Defrosting operation.

Symptom: Smells

Problem: Some smell may be emitted from the indoor unit. This smell is the result of room smells (furniture, tobacco, etc.) which have been taken into the air conditioner.

Symptom: Mist or steam are emitted


  • During Cooling or Dry operation, a thin mist may be seen emitted from the indoor unit. This results from the sudden Cooling of room air by the air emitted from the air conditioner, resulting in condensation and misting.
  • During Heating operation, the outdoor unit’s fan may stop, and steam may be seen rising from the unit. This is due to Automatic Defrosting operation.

Symptom: Airflow is weak or stops


  • When Heating operation is started, fan speed is temporarily very low, to allow internal parts to warm up.
  • During Heating operation, if the room temperature rises above the thermostat setting, the outdoor unit will stop, and the indoor unit will operate at very low fan speed. If you wish to warm the room further, set the thermostat for a higher setting.
  • During Heating operation, the unit will temporarily stop opera- tion (between 7 and 15 minutes) as the Automatic Defrosting mode operates. During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION Indicator Lamp will flash.
  • The fan may operate at very low speed during Dry operation or when the unit is monitoring the room’s temperature.
  • During SUPER QUIET operation, the fan will operate at very low speed
  • In the monitor AUTO operation, the fan will operate at very low speed.

Symptom: Water is produced from the outdoor unit

Problem: During Heating operation, water may be produced from the outdoor unit due to Automatic Defrosting operation.

Symptom: The AIR CLEAN Indicator Lamp (green) will begin to slowly flash (as shown in the figure):

Problem: After approximately 400 hours of Air Cleaning Mode use, the AIR CLEAN Indicator Lamp will begin to flash slowly (as shown in the figure). When this occurs, please stop the system, remove the mains socket and carry out maintenance on the dust collecting unit’s air filter.

Symptom: The AIR CLEAN Indicator Lamp (green) will begin to flash quickly (as shown in the figure):

Problem: After approximately 500 hours of Air Cleaning Mode use, the AIR CLEAN Indicator Lamp will begin to flash quickly (as shown in the figure). At this point, Air Cleaning will stop functioning. Please stop the system, remove the mains socket and carry out maintenance on the dust collecting unit’s air filter.

Symptom: Doesn’t operate at all


  • Is the Power Supply Plug disconnected its outlet?
  • Has there been a power failure?
  • Has a fuse blown out, or a circuit breaker been tripped?
  • Is the timer operating?
Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control Meaning

Symptom: Poor Cooling performance


  • Is the Air Filter dirty?
  • Air the air conditioner’s intake grille or outlet port blocked?
  • Did you adjust the room temperature settings (thermostat) cor- rectly?
  • Is there a window or door open?
  • In the case of Cooling operation, is a window allowing bright sun- light to enter? (Close the curtains.)
  • In the case of Cooling operation, are there heating apparatus and computers inside the room, or are there too many people in the room?
  • Is the unit set for SUPER QUIET operation?

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