Pridiom Air Conditioner Error Codes
Pridiom Air Conditioner Error Codes

Pridiom Air Conditioner Error Codes

Pridiom Air Conditioner Error Codes Note: Above self check information is commonly applicable in our most air conditioners,but some are special, you can refer to the User’s Manual for information or contact the dealer or authorized maintenance people for help.

Pridiom Air Conditioner Error Code Solutions

Error CodesSolution
dFHint to defrosting. Self-check code of luminotron: Flicker 1 time/1s
Fan motor picture not runningHint to defense against cold wind. Flicker 1 time/3s
E2/(L2)Failure of room temperature sensor. Flicker 2 times/4s (Flicker 2 times/8s)
E3/(L1)Failure of coiled pipe sensor. Flicker 3 times/5s (Flicker 1 time/8s)
E4/(E5)Abnormality of outdoor unit. Flicker 4 times/6s (luminating)
E5/(L6)Without feedback of internal fan motor. Flicker 5 times/7s (Flicker 6 times/8s)
E6Zero crossing signal without current. Flicker 6 times/8s
E7External feedback failure. Flicker 7 times/9s
E8Overheat protection. Flicker 8 times/10s
E9Water pump failure. Flicker 9 times/11s
F1Communicate fault
F2Room temp. sensor fault
F3Temp. sensor of coil pipe outlet fault
F4Fan motor fault
P2Transducer module protection
P3Over current
P4Discharge temperature of compressor overheat, ambient temperature overheat
P7DC voltage of outdoor unit abnormal
P8Leakage or reverse valve fault
F6Outdoor sensor fault
FCCompressor drive fault

Inspection and Maintenance

  • According to the service conditions and operating environment , the inside of the air conditioner will become dirty after several seasons (3 to 5years ) of service , resulting in decreased operating performance .Inspection and maintenance are recommended in addition to usual cleaning (The air conditioner can be used for a longer period and without anxiety .)
  • As to inspection and maintenance , consult your dealer or any one of business offices of dealing companies .(Service charge is required in this case .)
  • We recommend to perform inspection and maintenance during an off seasons.

Selection of installation positions for outdoor unit

  • To install the outdoor unit at the places which can stand the load of the machine weight and will not cause big vibrations and noises;
  • To install the unit at the places not to be exposed to rain or direct sunshine, and the places with good ventilation;
  • The noises generated from the unit will not affect the neighboring places;
  • Do not install the unit on non-metal frame;
  • Not to install the unit at the places where there might occur the generation, inflow, stay or leakage of inflammable gases;
  • Pay attention to the drainage of the condensed water from the base plate during operations;
  • To avoid the air outlet being directly against the wind.

AOS090HR  120HR outdoor wire diagram

Operation and indication sections of remote controller

This remote controller is the general one used for many types of air-conditioner in our company,we beg your forgiveness that we would not introduce the button or indicator which is not applicable for units you purchased.The LAMP button is applicable for special latest developed new models only instead of normal models.

Operation and indication sections of remote controller
  • Above figure shows all indications for the purpose of explanation, but practically only the pertinent parts are indicated.When air-conditioner is cooling-only model, the HEAT is for FAN.
  • When TURBO operation is selected, room temperature is not controlled with operation being continually.If you feel the room temperature is too cool or too heat,please cancel the TURBO operation.


When the outdoor air temperature is very low and humidity is very high, frosting will occur to the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit, which has negative impacts upon the efficiency of the heating performance. In such case, the automatic defrosting function will come into play. The heating operation will be stopped for 5-10 minutes to do the defrosting.

  • The fans of both the outdoor and indoor units are stopped.
  • During the defrosting, the outdoor unit might generate some steam. It is caused by fast defrosting, which is not a performance failure.
  • Upon the completion of the defrosting process, the heating operation is resumed.

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