AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes
AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes

AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes

AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes AEG Gas Boiler Error Codes If the boiler will not be used for a long period of time, the user should do one of the following: Secure the boiler by disconnecting it from all power sources and drying the heat. Put the boiler in standby, activate the frost protection and use the plant and the gas supply separately.

AEG Boiler Error Code Solutions

AEG Boiler Error Code E1 (E01)

It means that there is a malfunction in the ignition device. The flame ionization sensor notifies about this. Such a part detects the presence of a flame and interrupts the operation of the AEG boiler if the main burner does not burn completely or if there are problems with gas supply. Blocking occurs after 3 unsatisfactory starts. To return to work, you must press and hold the reset key. Gas valve failure – The actions of the gas valve are controlled by an electronic board.

This part is tested by determining the voltage and resistance values. If it is found that the values ​​differ from the standard characteristics, it is necessary to change the valve for a new one. Gas does not enter the unit – There is a valve in the gas distribution system that limits the supply of gas fuel. Based on this, a failure at the time of starting the device may occur due to a blocked tap. Incorrect contact or no signal from the flame ionization sensor. Problems with the control board – When the ignition cycle is performed normally, but the boiler has abruptly died out anyway, it can be assumed that the electronics do not detect a flame. In this case, you need to test it.

AEG Boiler Error Code E2 (E02)

Boiler overheating AEG. The device stops. The overheating safety thermostat is activated – The overheating thermostat, like the temperature sensor, is mainly installed on the outlet pipe of the primary heat exchanger. The main purpose of the thermostat is to protect the boiler unit from excessive temperature increase. The malfunction appears due to problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, as well as in case of malfunction of the main circulation circuit.

Faulty temperature sensor The electronic board receives an incorrect signal or poor contact between the sensor and the control board. Faulty overheating thermostat – When the thermostat is operational, but an actual overheating of the liquid is detected, then there may have been a violation of the circulation of the coolant of the main circuit. Blockage of the primary heat exchanger or filter element of the heating circuit (insufficient circulation process gives an increased heating temperature of the coolant). The circulation pump is out of order or there is a blockage from the air in the heating system.

AEG Boiler Error Code H20

Indicates low pressure inside the system. Probable causes affecting the formation of this malfunction: a decrease in water pressure in the heating system. Poor contact between the electronic board and the pressure switch. Breakage of the minimum pressure switch. First of all, we recommend that you check the results of the pressure gauge. Most often, the problem can be eliminated by using a make-up tap, which is installed to fill the heating system with coolant. If the problem repeats again, then apparently there is a fluid leak. The circulation pump, the main heat exchanger, the safety valve for relieving excess pressure, worn gaskets, the make-up valve and other parts may be leaking. A leak can be detected during the inspection of hydraulic components.

AEG Boiler Error Code E3 (E03)

Insufficient traction. For the correct and uninterrupted operation of the AEG gas boiler, it is necessary to organize a draft for the removal of combustion products so that they do not enter the living quarters. This is monitored by automation, and when any problems occur, the draft sensor turns on, and the gas appliance is blocked. The main factors of lack of draft: small diameter of the flue duct design flaw, clogging, ice on the inner wall. Limiting the diameter of the outlet channel leads to weak draft. Chimney pipe length exceeded Carefully read the installation manual for the gas boiler and follow the relevant requirements.

Too much horizontal flue pipe often causes a lack of draft. Pressure switch – draft sensor is broken – If a vacuum forms in the inlet tube, you can hear a characteristic click. Violation of the contact between the pressure switch and the control board, the presence of condensate, as well as incorrect fastening of the tubes with the pneumatic relay sensor. The fan has a malfunction – There is a blockage in the fan impeller. There is no lubrication on the fan shaft, which is why it does not reach the required speed. No contact between control board and fan.

AEG Boiler Error Code E6 (E06)

Failure of the DHW temperature sensor. This situation indicates a breakdown of the hot water circuit temperature sensor or the operating temperature is too high. Possible sources of this problem: the hot water temperature sensor is not working. Lack of contact between the electronic board and the DHW temperature sensor. Control board failure. If the hot water temperature sensor is intact and firmly connected to the electronic control board, but the unit shows an error, then, apparently, the control board is damaged.

AEG Boiler Error Code E17

Ignition related problems. This code is displayed if the ignition does not work or there is an attenuation of the burner flame. It is necessary to diagnose the connections between the ignition unit and the flame electrode, as well as between the gas valve and the board. The main cause of flameout is insufficient draft.

AEG Boiler Error Code E5 (E05)

Problems with temperature detection by the heating system sensor. This indicates that the heating circuit temperature sensor is out of order or the allowable temperature is too high. Damage to the heating circuit temperature sensor circuit – Such a malfunction can occur if there is no contact between the temperature sensor and the electronics board, or the temperature is below the nominal one. After five seconds have elapsed following the detection of a malfunction, the AEG boiler will resume normal operation if the malfunction occurred accidentally.

It should be checked that there is no moisture on the sensor connector and the control board connector. If there is no moisture, the temperature sensor must be changed. There is a short circuit in the temperature sensor in the heating circuit – This fault can occur when the temperature sensor contacts are shorted or the fluid temperature is higher than the nominal value. The first step is to measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If the resistance values ​​are different from those required, it is necessary to replace the temperature sensor. If the installation of a working sensor does not give the desired result, repair the board.

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