Alpenhoff Gas Boiler Error Codes

Alpenhoff Gas Boiler Error Codes Even the most reliable of boilers can experience a fault and lockout, then start flashing lights at you or displaying incomprehensible error codes; but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you to the error code you are encountering with your Alpha boiler and tell you what the fault code relates to.

Alpenhoff Gas Boiler Error Code Solutions

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E1

It indicates a blocked ignition. This is reported by the ionization flame sensor that controls the ignition. This component analyzes the presence of a flame and blocks the operation of the Alpenhof boiler in case of incomplete combustion of the main burner or in case of gas supply problems. Functions are interrupted after three unsatisfactory starts. To return to work, hold down the Reset key. Gas valve failure – The action of the gas valve is controlled by the electronics board.

Alpenhoff Gas Boiler Error Codes Diagnostics of this element is carried out by determining the values ​​​​of resistance and voltage. If it is found that the values ​​differ from the standard characteristics, it is recommended to replace the valve. Lack of gas supply to the unit There is a valve in the gas distribution circuit that closes the gas supply. Consequently, a failure at the time of starting the device may occur due to a blocked valve. Poor contact or no signal detected from the flame ionization sensor. The control board has a malfunction – If the ignition process is successful, but the unit still immediately goes out, then most likely the electronic board does not recognize the flame. Therefore, you need to check it.

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E2

Overheating of the Alpenhoff boiler heat exchanger. The unit stops. The overheat protection thermostat has tripped – The temperature sensor and the overheat thermostat are most often installed on the outlet pipe of the primary heat exchanger. The main task of the thermostat is to protect the boiler unit from excessive temperature increase. The malfunction most often occurs due to problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, and in addition, if the operation of the main circulation circuit is difficult.

The temperature sensor is out of order – An incorrect signal comes to the electronic board or the contact between the electronic board and the sensor is broken. Breakdown of the overheating thermostat – When the thermostat is suitable for operation, although the actual overheating of the coolant is detected, then, apparently, there is a problem with the circulation of the coolant in the heating circuit. There is a blockage in the primary heat exchanger or a filter element of the heating circuit (weak circulation gives increased heating of the coolant). The circulation pump has broken or there is an air blockage in the heating system.

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E4

This error is a sign of insufficient pressure in the system. Possible reasons why this malfunction appears: a decrease in water pressure in the heating system. The contact between the pressure sensor and the electronic board is broken. Pressure switch failure. First of all, you should look at the pressure gauge readings. As a rule, a failure is excluded when using a make-up tap, which is designed to fill the heating circuit with water. If a failure occurs again, then there is probably a fluid leak. The hydraulic pump, primary heat exchanger, safety valve, damaged seals and gaskets, make-up valve and other components may be leaking. Leakage can be detected when inspecting hydraulic components.

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E3

Lack of traction. In order to ensure the correct and stable functioning of the apparatus, it is necessary to provide traction for the removal of combustion products so that they do not enter the living quarters. The outlet of gases is controlled by automatics, and in case of any malfunctions, the draft sensor will work, and the boiler will be blocked. Probable reasons for the lack of draft: insufficient diameter of the chimney, design mismatch, blockage, ice on the inner wall. The narrowing of the outlet channel leads to weak draft.

The maximum length of the flue pipe has been exceeded. It is recommended that you carefully read the instruction manual for the gas appliance and follow the relevant requirements. Too long a straight section of the chimney pipe can cause a lack of necessary draft. The pressure switch-draught sensor is broken – If a vacuum occurs in the inlet tube, a slight click will be noticeable. There is no contact between the traction sensor relay and the electronic board, condensate in the tubes, as well as incorrect fastening of the tubes with the pneumatic relay. Incorrect fan operation – The fan impeller is clogged. There is no lubrication on the fan shaft, so it does not increase the required speed. The contact between the fan and the electronic board is broken.

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E6

The hot water temperature sensor is not working correctly. This code indicates that the DHW temperature sensor has broken or the required temperature has been exceeded. The main sources preceding this fault: the DHW temperature sensor is broken. The contact of the control board with the temperature sensor on the DHW is broken. Damage to the electronic board. If the DHW temperature sensor is working and firmly connected to the control board, however, the device detects an error, then, apparently, the electronic control board is damaged.

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E5

Incorrect ignition. This code is issued if the ignition mechanism does not work or there is a flame break. It is required to inspect the contacts between the ignition unit and the flame electrode, and also between the gas valve and the board. One of the reasons for the separation of the flame of the burner is the lack of thrust.

Alpenhoff Boiler Error Code E7

Refusal to determine the temperature by the heating system sensor. This code indicates that there is damage to the temperature sensor in the heating circuit or the required temperature has been exceeded. Damage to the heating circuit temperature sensor circuit – This malfunction can occur if the contact of the temperature sensor with the control board is interrupted, or the temperature is much lower than required. Within 5 seconds after a fault is detected, the Alpenhof boiler must return to operating functions if the fault occurs spontaneously. It is necessary to check that there is no moisture on the sensor connector and the controller connector. If there is no moisture, the temperature sensor needs to be replaced.

Alpenhoff Gas Boiler Error Codes Short circuit of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit – This malfunction may occur after a short circuit of the contacts of the temperature sensor or the temperature of the liquid is higher than the nominal one. You must first measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If the resistance values ​​do not correspond to the required ones, it is necessary to change the sensor. If the installation of a working sensor does not contribute to the result, change the electronic board.

The Alpenhoff boiler was installed six months ago. In the last month, almost every day, the error code E1 lights up. After rebooting with the reset key, the boiler performs a good start from time to time, but this happens infrequently. I removed the air intake cover the other day and it worked better. What is this breakdown?

When the draft error is displayed, we recommend that you open the protective covers. This will help draw air out of the living space. Next, inspect the chimney for ice and, if necessary, remove it. In the event of a flame failure, you need to find out if there is a gas supply to the room.

All the time on the boiler an error with code E7 is on. I can’t figure out what it means?

This code indicates to you a malfunction of the heating NTC temperature sensor. It looks like it needs to be changed.

Why did the Alpenhof boiler stop turning on? In this case, error E2 constantly lights up. What to do?

This failure can occur due to various problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, and in addition, if the main circulation circuit fails. It looks like there is overheating of the water in the heat exchanger. If the thermostat and temperature sensor do not have breakdowns, then the problem is in the control board. It needs to be replaced.

What is the problem if the unit does not start and error E4 is displayed? Holds pressure well, no leaks. I unplug it, but the problem remains. What is the cause of the problem?

This situation usually appears when the water pressure in the heating circuit is reduced. With such a malfunction, it is necessary to check the pressure sensor. It looks like it’s broken.

The problem of the device looks like this: the hot water supply is set to a temperature of forty degrees. At the moment the hot water tap is opened, the gas burner device lights up for a short time and quickly goes out. This cycle is ongoing. Warm water comes out of the faucet, then cold. Error E2 is periodically issued. What is the problem?

This code indicates that the DHW circuit has overheated. Most likely, the heat exchanger is very dirty, or the thermostat has incorrect settings.

I have such a problem. When igniting, the device issues an error code E05 (breaks the flame). When restarted, it turns on, but the burner barely ignites, you can hear strange clicks, and then an error is displayed. I changed the ionization electrode, washed the flow sensor, turned the plug over, but there was no result. Has anyone met with this?

This problem occurs for three reasons. Damage to the control electrode. Difficulties with gas supply. Electronics board defective.

The device stopped working autonomously and issues the E4 code. What could be?

There is no water in the machine or the pressure switch sensor is damaged. First, fill the coolant into the system.

The gas unit turns off with the display of the error code E3. Blowing and cleaning does not help. What could be?

This situation indicates insufficient traction, and it is necessary to check the smoke exhaust channel. Presumably the membrane is stuck. Otherwise, you need to contact specialists for a thorough check of the device with its further.

There is an Alpenhof boiler. Error E6 started to appear. The device itself works, the temperature of the liquid is regulated manually. When it was installed, it probably overheated, because they started the automatic temperature control mode. There is no outdoor air temperature sensor. What is the problem?

Most likely, the DHW temperature sensor is damaged. In some cases, the control board is damaged.

The device works for about 2-3 minutes, then the burner goes out, and error E3 comes out. It burns for no more than a minute, the gas burner turns on again, and the device functions normally for another five or six minutes, and so on in a circle. This failure, judging by the manual, indicates that the sensor has been triggered by draft, however, the chimney channel is not contaminated, flue gases are removed well. I can’t figure out what’s wrong?

In this case, the probable reasons for the lack of thrust may be: damage to the thrust sensor. Disruption of contact between the traction sensor relay and the electronic board. Presence of condensate, as well as improper fastening of tubes with a pneumatic relay sensor. Fan failure. Most likely, it works at low speeds.

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