Daewoo Gas Boiler Error Codes

Daewoo Gas Boiler Error Codes Failure of any element of the heating system usually completely stops the process of heating the house. The most problematic place in the circuit is the boiler, which consists of many nodes. The complexity of the design makes its repair a difficult task.

However, not everything is so bad, because the malfunctions of Daewoo gas boilers, for example, can be determined almost instantly thanks to a faultlessly functioning display system. Of course, not all problems can be fixed independently, but in some cases you can do without the services of gas workers.

All about decoding error codes that occur during the operation of Korean equipment, you will find in our article. We will talk about how to respond to these self-diagnosis systems. We will show you how to quickly solve the problem and restore heating in full.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code Solutions

Daewoo Boiler Error Code E5

It indicates a malfunction of the ignition system. Fault notification comes from the flame monitor. Such a part analyzes the presence of a flame and stops the operating cycle of the Daewoo boiler with limited combustion of the main burner device or in case of failures in the gas supply. The termination of work occurs at the end of three unsuccessful launches. To return to work, you must hold down the R key. Problem with the gas valve – The gas valve is controlled by an electronic board. This component is tested by measuring voltage and resistance. If the values ​​are found to be out of specification, the valve must be replaced.

Lack of gas supply to the system – There is a valve in the gas distribution circuit that closes the gas supply. Based on this, failure to start the unit may occur due to a closed valve. Poor contact or no signal from the ionization flame sensor. Faulty electronic board – If the ignition cycle was successful, but the device suddenly went out anyway, then apparently the control board does not detect the flame. Therefore, it should be tested.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code E3

Daewoo boiler overheating problems. The unit stops working. The overheating thermostat has switched on – The overheating thermostat, as well as the temperature sensor, are usually located on the outlet pipe of the primary heat exchanger. The main task of the thermostat is to protect the apparatus from excessive temperature increase. The failure appears due to problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, as well as a malfunction in the main circulation circuit.

Problems with the temperature sensor – The control board receives an incorrect signal or the contact between the sensor and the control board is broken. Overheat thermostat failure – When a component is serviceable, but a real overheating of the liquid is detected, then, apparently, there is a problem with the circulation of the coolant in the main circuit. The main heat exchanger or the filter element of the main circuit is clogged (a low circulation level implies an increased heating temperature of the coolant). There is a problem with the circulation pump or there is an air lock in the heating system.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code E1

Means that the pressure inside the system is reduced. Probable sources of this problem: a decrease in water pressure in the heating system. The contact between the electronic board and the pressure switch is broken. Malfunction of the minimum pressure switch. First of all, you should look at the results of the pressure gauge reading. As a rule, the failure is eliminated by means of a make-up tap, which is designed to fill the heating system with water. When the failure repeats again, it is most likely that there is a water leak. The hydraulic pump, main heat exchanger, safety valve, worn gaskets, make-up valve and other parts can leak. The leak is determined at the time of inspection of the hydraulic components.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code E2 (E4)

There is no traction. For reliable and safe operation of the device, it is necessary to organize a draft for the exhaust gases to be removed so that they do not enter the living quarters. The smoke output is monitored by electronics, and when any malfunctions occur, the draft sensor is triggered and the boiler stops working. The main reasons due to which there may be a lack of traction: the small size of the chimney channel design flaw, blockage, ice on the walls.

Reducing the size of the chimney leads to weak draft. The maximum length of the chimney pipe has been exceeded – We advise you to carefully study the installation instructions for the device and comply with all necessary requirements. Too long a horizontal section of the flue pipe can lead to a lack of necessary draft. Traction sensor damage – When a vacuum is created in the inlet tube, a characteristic click can be heard. There is no contact between the electronic board and the draft sensor, the presence of condensate, as well as poor connection of the tubes to the pressure switch.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code EE

Fan Stopped – There is a blockage in the fan impeller. The lack of sufficient lubrication of the fan shaft, so it does not generate the required speed. There is no contact between the fan and the board that controls the electronics.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code U8

The temperature sensor for hot water supply is not functioning correctly. This circumstance indicates that the DHW temperature sensor is faulty or the temperature required for operation has risen. The main factors under which this problem occurs: the hot water temperature sensor is damaged. The contact between the DHW temperature sensor and the electronic board is broken. Control board failure. If the temperature sensor for hot water supply is in good condition and securely connected to the control board, but the unit displays an error, then, apparently, the electronic board has a defect.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code U0

Refusal to ignite. This situation can be issued when there is no ignition or there is a flame separation. It is necessary to inspect the contacts between the ignition device and the flame electrode, as well as between the electronic board and the gas valve. One of the factors of flame failure may be weak draft.

Daewoo Boiler Error Code E8

The temperature sensor in the heating circuit does not function correctly. This code indicates that the temperature sensor in the heating system is faulty or the operating temperature has greatly increased. The heating system temperature sensor circuit is damaged – This problem most often occurs when there is no connection between the temperature sensor and the electronic board, or the temperature is below the recommended one. Within 5 seconds after a malfunction is detected, the Daewoo boiler will resume correct operation if the malfunction occurred by accident. It is recommended to check that there is no moisture on the temperature sensor connector and the control board connector. If there is no moisture, the temperature sensor should be replaced.

There was a short circuit of the temperature sensor in the heating circuit – This situation may occur at the time of a short circuit of the contacts of the temperature sensor or the temperature of the coolant is higher than the nominal one. Initially, the resistance of the temperature sensor should be measured. If the resistance values ​​do not match the required values, the sensor must be replaced. If replacing the temperature sensor does not give the desired result, repair the board.

I have a Daewoo boiler installed. In the last month, it gives an E5 error almost around the clock. After restarting with the reset key, the device sometimes starts without problems, but this is quite rare. A few days ago I removed the air intake cover and it worked better. What is this breakdown?

When it shows a flue error, you must open the safety covers. This will contribute to the intake of air from the living quarters. Then check the flue pipe for ice and clean if necessary. If there is a flame failure, you need to find out if gas is being supplied to the room.

Often a gas boiler displays an error code E8. I can’t figure out what’s wrong?

This code may indicate a breakdown of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit. It looks like it needs to be replaced.

Why did the Daewoo boiler not turn on? Error E3 also flashes periodically. What should be done?

This malfunction can occur due to various problems in the thermostat, temperature sensor, and also in case of malfunctions in the main circulation circuit. Perhaps there is overheating of the water in the heat exchanger. If the temperature sensor and thermostat are not broken, then the problem is with the control board. Its replacement is required.

What is the problem if the unit does not start and displays the error code E1? Holds pressure well, no leaks. Tried to turn off the power, but the problem is not fixed. Help how to fix it?

A malfunction may be displayed when the coolant pressure in the heating circuit decreases. In this case, it is necessary to check the pressure sensor. It looks like it’s broken.

The malfunction of the device looks like this: the hot water supply is set to a temperature of 40 degrees. If you open a hot water tap, the gas burner will light up briefly and then go out. This cycle happens all the time. Warm water flows from the tap, but not hot, then cold. Periodically shows error E3. What could be the reason?

This code means that the DHW coolant has boiled. Apparently, there is a clogged heat exchanger, and the thermostat is incorrectly set.

There was such a problem. During ignition, the unit goes into error U0. If a restart is performed, it turns on, but the gas burner barely lights up, a few clicks are heard, and an error is generated again. I changed the ignition electrode, washed the flow sensor, turned the plug over, but there is no improvement. Has anyone met with this?

This error can occur in three cases. Control electrode defective. Difficulties with gas supply. Damaged control board.

The device switched itself off and the code E1 is issued. What to do?

The coolant level in the device is low or the pressure switch sensor is faulty. First fill the system with water.

The gas unit stops working with error code E4. Blowing and cleaning helped for a short time. What can be done?

This situation indicates unsatisfactory draft, and we advise you to check the chimney system. It is possible that the membrane is stuck. In other cases, we recommend calling a specialist for a thorough check of the boiler with further testing.

There is a Daewoo boiler in the house. Error U8 started to appear. The device itself does the work, the temperature level of the liquid is set by the manual switch. During its installation, apparently, overheating occurred, as the automatic temperature regime was launched. There is no outdoor air temperature sensor. What is causing this malfunction?

Presumably, the DHW temperature sensor is damaged. Otherwise, the electronics board fails.

The device performs functions for about 2-3 minutes, then the gas burner goes out, and error E2 comes out. It burns for no more than a minute, the burner lights up again, and the device works normally for another 3-4 minutes, and so on in a circle. This code, judging by the instructions, means that the draft sensor is triggered, but the chimney is not clogged, the exhaust gases are removed well. Help me figure out what’s wrong?

In this case, the main sources of lack of thrust can be: a breakdown of the pneumorelay-thrust sensor. Lack of contact between the pneumatic relay sensor and the electronic board. Condensation in the pipes, as well as improper connection of the pipes to the air relay. The fan is damaged. Presumably, it works at low speeds.

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