Demrad Gas Boiler Error Codes
Demrad Gas Boiler Error Codes

Demrad Gas Boiler Error Codes

Demrad Gas Boiler Error Codes Autonomous heating systems are among the most suitable in terms of ergonomics. However, no one can guarantee its trouble-free operation. If the boiler fails, the unit displays a message with an error code. Knowing the approximate essence of the problem, the boiler can be brought to life faster.

Demrad Boiler Error Code Solutions

Demrad Boiler Error Code F04

It indicates that the ignition is not working. The ionization flame sensor signals a failure in the device. Such a sensor-electrode detects the presence of a flame and stops the operating cycle of the Demrad boiler during incomplete combustion of the main burner or when gas is interrupted. The operating mode is terminated after three unsuccessful activations.

To resume the workflow, press and hold the reset button. Gas valve failure – The gas valve is controlled by an electronic board. The test of this part is carried out by determining the magnitude of voltage and resistance. If it turns out that the readings differ from the nominal parameters, it is necessary to replace the valve with a working one. There is no gas supply to the boiler – A valve is located in the gas distribution system, which can block the supply of gas fuel. Therefore, a malfunction at the time of turning on the device may occur due to a closed tap. Weak contact or no pulse detected from the ionization flame sensor. The electronic board is faulty – If the ignition goes on normally, but the device goes out immediately in any case, then most likely the electronics cannot detect the flame. Therefore, it needs to be tested.

Demrad Boiler Error Code F01

The Demrad boiler is overheated. The unit stops working. Overheating protection thermostat activated – The temperature sensor and overheating thermostat are most often installed on the outlet pipe of the main heat exchanger. The functional task of the thermostat is to ensure the safety of the boiler unit from an excessive increase in temperature. A malfunction most often occurs due to problems in the thermostat, temperature sensor, as well as in the event of a malfunction of the main circulation circuit.

Temperature sensor failure – The electronic board receives an incorrect signal or the contact between the sensor and the control board is broken. Failure of the overheating thermostat – If it is operational, although the actual overheating of the liquid is determined, then, apparently, there is a problem with the circulation of the coolant of the main circuit. Clogging of the main heat exchanger or filter element of the heating circuit (lack of circulation gives a high heating temperature of the liquid). There is a malfunction with the circulation pump or there is an air blockage in the heating system.

Demrad Boiler Error Code F10

Indicates that the system pressure level is low. Possible reasons why this malfunction appears: a decrease in water pressure in the heating system. There is no contact between the pressure switch and the control board. Defective pressure switch. First of all, you need to know the readings of the pressure gauge. Very often, the problem is eliminated by using a make-up valve, which is designed to fill the heating system with coolant. When the failure occurs again, there is probably a coolant leak. The leak can be a hydraulic pump, a primary heat exchanger, an emergency overpressure relief valve, damaged gaskets, a make-up valve and other components. The leak is determined visually when inspecting hydraulic systems and components.

Demrad Boiler Error Code F05

Lack of traction. For the stable and safe operation of the Demrad boiler, it is necessary to organize a draft to remove exhaust gases so that they do not enter the room. This is monitored by automation, and when some problems appear, the draft sensor is triggered, and the boiler will be blocked. The main reasons preceding the lack of draft: the limited size of the discharge channel, a flaw in installation, blockage, ice on the inner wall. Reducing the size of the outlet channel causes insufficient traction.

The flue pipes are too long. It is recommended that you carefully read the installation instructions for the gas boiler and follow all the necessary requirements. Too long a horizontal section of the flue pipe can cause a lack of necessary draft. The pressure switch-draft sensor is damaged – When a vacuum is formed in the inlet tube, you can catch a characteristic click. There is no contact between the control board and the draft sensor, the presence of condensate, as well as improper connection of the tubes to the pneumatic relay. The fan has a malfunction – The fan impeller is clogged. The fan shaft is not lubricated, and therefore it does not reach the required speed. The contact between the fan and the electronic board is broken.

Demrad Boiler Error Code F02

The temperature sensor for hot water does not work correctly. This situation indicates a malfunction in the DHW temperature sensor or the operating temperature has been exceeded. Possible reasons why this malfunction appears: the temperature sensor for hot water supply is damaged. The contact of the control board with the DHW temperature sensor is broken. Failure of the electronic board. If the hot water temperature sensor is intact and correctly connected to the control board, but at this moment the unit gives an error, then the control board is probably faulty.

Demrad Boiler Error Code F07

Ignition related problems. This code is issued if the ignition does not work or the flame breaks off. It is necessary to check the contacts between the ignition unit and the flame electrode, and also between the board and the gas valve. The main factor in the extinction of the flame of the burner can be a lack of draft.

Demrad Boiler Error Code F06

The heating circuit temperature sensor is not functioning properly. This code indicates a malfunction in the heating temperature sensor or the operating temperature has risen. Damage to the heating water temperature sensor circuit This problem occurs if there is no connection between the temperature sensor and the electronic board, or the temperature is much lower than required. After five seconds have passed after a malfunction has been detected, the Demrad boiler will restore its usual operation, in case the malfunction arose spontaneously. It is necessary to check that there is no moisture on the sensor connector and the electronic board connector.

If there is no moisture, the temperature sensor should be replaced. The appearance of a short circuit of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit – Such a problem may occur at the time of a short circuit in the temperature sensor circuit or the temperature of the coolant is higher than the nominal one. First you need to measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If the resistance characteristics are not as required, the temperature sensor should be replaced. If replacing the temperature sensor does not help, repair the board.

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