Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Codes
Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Codes

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Codes

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Codes Error E01 It shows that the ignition does not work. The ionization flame sensor that monitors the ignition reports a malfunction. This part takes into account the presence of a flame and stops the operation of the Lemax Prime boiler with limited combustion of the main burner or with interruptions in the gas supply. The operating mode is terminated after 3 unsuccessful starts. To resume work, you must hold down the restart key. Gas valve malfunction – The operation of the gas valve is controlled by an electronic board. Diagnostics of this part is carried out by determining the value of resistance and voltage.

Lemax Prime Boiler Error Code Solutions

If it turns out that the readings differ from the standard characteristics, it is recommended to replace the valve with a new one. There is no gas flow to the device – There is a valve in the gas distribution system that shuts off the gas flow. Based on this, a malfunction at the time of starting the device may occur due to a blocked valve. Incorrect contact or the signal from the ionization flame sensor is not defined. Problems with the control board – If the ignition cycle was performed correctly, but the unit died out abruptly anyway, then the control board may not be detecting a flame. Therefore, it needs to be checked.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E02

The heat exchanger of the Lemax Prime boiler is overheated. The device is blocked. The overheating protection thermostat has tripped – The overheating thermostat, as well as the temperature sensor, are in most cases located on the outlet pipe of the main heat exchanger. The main purpose of the thermostat is to ensure the safety of the device from elevated temperatures. The failure appears due to problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, and in addition, if there is a malfunction in the main circulation circuit.

Damaged temperature sensor – The electronic board receives an incorrect signal or poor contact between the sensor and the electronic board. The overheating thermostat is out of order – When the thermostat is operational, but a real overheating of the liquid is detected, then there may be a problem with the circulation of the coolant in the heating circuit. The main heat exchanger or the filter of the main circuit is clogged (weak circulation has an increased heating temperature of the liquid). Malfunction of the circulation pump or blockage of air in the heating system.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E04

Means that the pressure inside the system is reduced. Possible reasons for this malfunction: a decrease in the pressure of the coolant in the heating circuit. Lack of contact between the electronic board and the relay-sensor. Pressostat malfunction. First you need to find out the readings of the manometer. Most often, the failure can be eliminated with the help of a make-up valve, which is installed to fill the heating system with coolant. When the failure repeats again, there is probably a coolant leak. The circulation pump, primary heat exchanger, relief valve, damaged gaskets, make-up tap and other parts may be leaking. Leakage is determined visually by inspecting hydraulic components and connections.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E03 (E72)

Lack of traction. For the stable and safe operation of the Lemax Prime gas boiler, it is necessary to provide draft for the removal of exhaust gases so that they do not enter the living quarters. The outlet of gases is controlled by automatics, and in the event of certain problems, the draft sensor turns on and the boiler stops working. Probable reasons for the lack of draft: small-sized chimney diameter, improper installation, clogging with dirt, ice on the inner wall. A decrease in the diameter of the outlet channel may be the cause of the weakening of the thrust.

The chimney pipe is too long It is necessary to carefully read the boiler installation manual and follow all the necessary requirements. A very long horizontal chimney pipe often causes a lack of draft. Traction sensor failure – When a vacuum is formed in the inlet tube, a soft click will be heard. There is no contact of the control board with the pneumatic relay-traction sensor, there is condensate, as well as incorrect fastening of the tubes with the pneumatic relay. Damaged fan parts – There is a blockage in the fan impeller. There is no lubrication on the fan shaft, so it does not generate the necessary speed. There is no contact between the fan and the electronic board.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E06

The temperature sensor for hot water supply is not functioning correctly. This indicates a failure of the DHW circuit temperature sensor or the operating temperature has been exceeded. The main factors in the appearance of this malfunction: the temperature sensor for hot water supply is defective. There is no contact between the electronic board and the DHW temperature sensor. Damage to the electronic board. If the hot water temperature sensor is working and securely connected to the control board, but the device shows an error, then the electronic board seems to be defective.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E76

Ignition is not performed. This occurs when there is no ignition or there is a separation of the flame. Check the connections between the ignition unit and the flame sensor, and also between the gas valve and the board. The main cause of flame failure may be weak draft.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E46

The water pressure sensor is defective. The water pressure sensor is out of order – Replace the water pressure sensor. Break in the electrical circuit of the water pressure sensor. Repair the electrical circuit.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E05

The heating circuit temperature sensor is not functioning properly. This circumstance indicates that the temperature sensor of the heating system has broken or the recommended temperature is too high. An open in the heating system temperature sensor circuit – This problem can occur when the temperature sensor is interrupted in contact with the control board, or the temperature is below the recommended temperature. Within 5 seconds following the detection of a malfunction, the Lemax Prime boiler must restore trouble-free operation, in case the malfunction occurred spontaneously. It is necessary to make sure that there is no moisture on the connector of the temperature sensor and the connector of the electronic board.

If there is no moisture, the sensor must be replaced. Short circuit of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit – This malfunction may occur when the contacts of the temperature sensor are short-circuited or the temperature value of the liquid is higher than the nominal value. The first step is to measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If the resistance parameters do not correspond to the required ones, the temperature sensor should be changed. When installing a working sensor does not contribute to the result, change the electronic board.

Lemax Prime Gas Boiler Error Code E77

Low boiler supply voltage. The boiler supply voltage is below 170V. Poor contact in the plug, socket or mains supply. Call a specialist to restore the electrical wiring. Short-term voltage drops due to large parallel loads. Turn off the device that creates an excessive load on the electrical network.

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