Roda Gas Boiler Error Codes

Roda Gas Boiler Error Codes You may have asked for information on a Vaillant fault code. Please take a look at the boiler fault codes below. Don’t worry if you have one of these, it does’nt neccessarily mean your boiler is at fault. Your boiler may just need resetting or you have an issue that is easily resolved.

Roda Boiler Error Code Solutions

Roda Boiler Error Code E1

This code indicates no ignition. Fault notification comes from the flame monitor. This component detects the presence of a flame and stops the operating cycle of the Roda gas boiler during limited combustion of the main burner or in case of difficulties with the flow of gas. Blocking occurs after three unsatisfactory starts. To restore the functions, you need to press and hold the reset key. Gas valve failure – The gas valve is controlled by an electronic board. This component is tested by measuring resistance and voltage.

If it turns out that the values ​​differ from the nominal parameters, it is necessary to replace the valve with a working one. Gas does not enter the unit – There is a valve in the gas distribution system, which can block the flow of gas. Therefore, an accident at the time of starting the unit may occur due to a blocked valve. Insufficient contact or no signal from the flame control sensor. The electronic board is damaged – If the ignition is carried out without errors, but the boiler went out immediately anyway, then apparently the electronics do not detect the flame. Therefore, it should be checked.

Roda Boiler Error Code E2 (HL)

The heat exchanger of the Roda boiler is overheated. The device is blocked. The overheating thermostat has switched on – The temperature sensor and the overheating thermostat are mainly installed on the outlet pipe of the primary heat exchanger. An important function of the thermostat is to protect the boiler unit from high temperatures. A malfunction may occur due to problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, as well as in case of malfunctions of the main circulation circuit.

Temperature sensor failure – The control board receives an incorrect signal or the contact between the sensor and the control board is broken. Superheat thermostat failure – If the sensor is operational, although there was an actual liquid overheating, then there is probably a problem with the circulation of the coolant in the main circuit. Clogged main heat exchanger or heating circuit filter (low circulation indicates increased heating of the coolant). Malfunction of the circulation pump or an air blockage has formed in the heating system.

Roda Boiler Error Code E4 (LP)

It indicates insufficient pressure inside the system. Probable causes that affect the formation of this problem: a decrease in fluid pressure in the heating circuit. Contact failure between the pressure sensor and the electronic board. Breakage of the minimum pressure switch. First you need to check the readings of the manometer. As a rule, the problem can be eliminated by means of a make-up cock, which is mounted to fill the system with coolant. If the accident repeats, then most likely there is a coolant leak. The hydraulic pump, main heat exchanger, relief valve, worn gaskets, make-up valve and other parts can leak. A leak can be identified during the inspection of waterworks and components.

Roda Boiler Error Code E3

Insufficient traction. For the correct and safe operation of the boiler, it is necessary to create a draft to remove exhaust gases so that they do not enter the living quarters. The outlet of gases is controlled by automation, and when certain problems occur, the draft sensor will work, and the boiler stops working. The main factors in which there is a lack of traction: the small size of the chimney channel, design mismatch, blockage, ice on the inner wall. Limiting the size of the chimney channel serves as a factor in reducing draft. Chimney pipe length exceeded Carefully read the boiler installation instructions and follow all the necessary requirements.

The large length of the horizontal section of the flue pipe often causes a lack of draft. Traction sensor failure – When a vacuum is formed in the inlet tube, you can hear a characteristic click. The contact of the pressure switch and the control board is broken, there is condensate, as well as incorrect connection of the tubes to the pneumatic switch. Fan defective – The fan impeller is clogged. There is not enough lubrication on the fan shaft, which is why the required speed is not generated. Lost contact between the electronic board and the fan.

Roda Boiler Error Code E6 (db)

The hot water temperature sensor is not working properly. This code means that the DHW temperature sensor is damaged or the required temperature is too high. Probable causes influencing the formation of this malfunction: the temperature sensor for hot water supply is out of order. The contact between the electronic board and the DHW temperature sensor is broken. Damage to the electronic board. If the DHW temperature sensor is intact and firmly connected to the electronic control board, but the boiler shows an error, then the control board is probably damaged.

Roda Boiler Error Code Fd

Refusal to ignite. This occurs if the ignition does not work or if the burner flameout is observed. It is recommended to diagnose the contacts between the ignition mechanism and the flame electrode, and also between the electronic board and the gas valve. Insufficient draft may be the main factor in flameout.

Roda Boiler Error Code E7 (Hb)

The heating circuit temperature sensor is not working correctly. This code indicates a malfunction in the heating temperature sensor or the temperature required for operation has been exceeded. Damage to the heating circuit temperature sensor circuit – This malfunction can occur if the connection between the temperature sensor and the electronics board is interrupted, or the temperature is below the recommended one. Five seconds after the accident is detected, Rod’s boiler will resume normal operation, in case the problem arose by accident.

You should check that there is no moisture on the sensor connector and the electronic board connector. If there is no moisture, it is recommended to replace the temperature sensor. There is a short circuit in the heating water temperature sensor – This problem may occur after a short circuit in the temperature sensor circuit or the temperature value of the liquid is higher than the nominal value. First, measure the resistance of the sensor. If the resistance values ​​are different from those required, it is necessary to replace the temperature sensor. If replacing the temperature sensor does not contribute to the result, repair the board.

The Roda boiler was put into operation two years ago. Recently, the error E1 has been glowing almost around the clock. After restarting with the reset key, the device occasionally turns on without problems, but this happens sporadically. I recently removed the air cap and it functions much better. What’s wrong?

If it displays an error in the chimney, you need to open the protection covers. This will help air flow out of the room. Next, inspect the chimney for ice and, if necessary, clean. In the event of a fire-related accident, it is recommended to check whether the gas is being supplied to the house.

The gas boiler constantly displays the error code Hb. Can’t figure out what’s wrong?

This code indicates a breakdown of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit. Most likely, you need to change it.

What is the problem if Rod’s boiler does not start? At the same time, it constantly starts to produce an HL error. How to fix it?

This malfunction is usually issued due to some problems with the thermostat, temperature sensor, and also in case of malfunctions in the main circulation circuit. Most likely, the heat exchanger overheated. If the thermostat and temperature sensor are not broken, then the problem is in the electronic board. It needs to be changed.

What is the problem if the unit cannot start and the error code LP is displayed? The pressure in the system is normal, no leaks are visible. I’ve tried unplugging it, but the problem persists. What is the cause of the problem?

The fault may be displayed when the water pressure in the heating circuit decreases. With this problem, it is necessary to check the water level sensor. Most likely it is broken.

The problem of the device is this: hot water supply is set to a temperature of 40 degrees. When you turn on hot water, the gas burner device burns for a short time and then goes out. This cycle happens all the time. Warm water flows from the mixer, but not hot, then cold. Periodically displays error E4. For what reason did this happen?

This circumstance indicates boiling water in the DHW circuit. We assume that there is a clogging of the heat exchanger, or the thermostat has incorrect settings.

We have the following problem. during ignition, the unit issues an error code Fd (flame failure). If you restart, it turns on, but as soon as the burner starts to work, incomprehensible clicks are heard, and the error is displayed again. I changed the ignition electrode, flushed the flow sensor, removed the ground from the plug, but there was no improvement. What happened?

This problem can occur for three reasons. The flame control electrode has failed. Difficulties with gas supply. The control board is failing.

The device itself interrupted the work and displays the code E4. How to be?

There is no water in the device or the pressure switch sensor is broken. First fill the system with water.

The gas unit stops working with the error code E3 displayed. Cleaned and purged – no result. How to be?

This code indicates unsatisfactory draft, and it is recommended to check the smoke exhaust duct. Presumably the membrane is stuck. In another case, we advise you to contact the specialists for a detailed diagnosis of the device with its further.

In our house there is a cauldron of Rod. Error E6 began to come out. The device itself functions, the water temperature is adjusted manually. When it was mounted, it probably overheated, because they turned on the auto mode by temperature. There is no outdoor air temperature sensor. What is causing this malfunction?

We assume that the hot water temperature sensor has failed. In some cases, the electronics board fails.

The unit is in operation for about four to five minutes, after which the gas burner turns off, and error E3 occurs. It flashes for about a minute, the burner turns on again for ignition, and the device performs well for another five to six minutes, and so on constantly. This code, judging by the instructions, means that the draft sensor is triggered, but the chimney channel is clean, flue gases are well removed. Please tell me what is the cause of the problem?

In your case, the main factors for the lack of traction are: a malfunction of the pneumorelay-traction sensor. There is no contact between the control board and the thrust sensor. Condensation in the pipes, as well as poor fastening of the pipes with the pneumatic sensor. Damage to fan components. Presumably, it works at low speeds.

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