Black & Decker Coffee Maker Error Codes
Black & Decker Coffee Maker Error Codes

Black & Decker Coffee Maker Error Codes

Black & Decker Coffee Maker Error Codes When your Black & Decker coffee maker stops working properly, you may be tempted to throw it away at once and buy a new one. Don’t hurry: there is every possibility that you won’t need a new coffee maker at all. Check the symptom the appliance is experiencing in the table below to find out how to solve the problem. Most likely, the coffee maker troubleshooting won’t take you more than half an hour, while some of the issues can be resolved in fifteen minutes such as coffee pot replacement.

Black & Decker Coffee Maker Error Code

Home Cafe, One-Cup Coffeemaker Models GT300, GT300W, GT305, GT320

Error MessageSolution
I see the “Red” STOP button is ONReason: You may have interrupted the brew/cleaning process. OR You may have opened the lid after the brew cycle but before or in the middle of the 3 beeps. Possible Solution: 1.Please wait approx. 30seconds until “Red” light turns off. 2. When unit beeps, you can restart your brewing/cleaning cycle. 3. Open lid and close it again. 4. Press any of the brew size buttons. Note: Always start a new brew cycle with an empty cup to avoid overflow.
I see both the “7” & “9” oz blue buttons flash.You may have run out of water in the reservoir or forgot to add water. OR Unit may need resetting or servicing.
I see both the “Stop” & “Clean” buttons Flash, OR both the “14” & “Creamy” buttons Flash.Unit may need resetting or servicing. There may also be an overheating event. 1. Same as above. 2. In case of an overheating event, please unplug unit, let it cool for 30 min. and retry with a fresh pod and empty cup.
The unit’s lid is locked and I cannot unlock it.You may have experienced a power interruption or glitch during brew. When this happens, the lid automatically stays locked during power interruption. When power resumes, wait until the flashing light(s) go(es) out and you hear the unit beep.
I press a brew button, but nothing happens.Unit may be unplugged, without water, or the lid may be unlocked. Plug unit, add water or lock lid and try again.
I observe an unusual level of pressure, steam or noise.The pod holder or splashguard may be clogged. Unit may or may not overflow. Note: Make sure there is water in the reservoir and resume brewing.
My coffee is not whipping strong enough.This may also happen when the pod is not positioned correctly. Use either two mild blend coffee pods or try darker roast pod.
My coffee is too strong.This may happen when you use two pods. Adjust your brewing preferences.
I have lost/damaged a removable appliance part.You may purchase replacement parts.

Dual Brew Coffee Maker CM6000 Cafe Select Troubleshooting 

TroublePossible CauseSolution
Coffeemaker will not turn on.Unit is unpluggedMake sure appliance is plugged into a working outlet.
Unit is plugged in but not turned on.Press the power button to turn the unit on.
Coffeemaker is leaking.Water reservoir may be overfilled.Ensure water reservoir is not filled beyond the MAX line.
Coffeemaker brews more slowly than usual.The coffeemaker needs cleaning.Follow the instructions in the De-scaling With Auto Clean section.
The brew basket overflows.Excessive amount of ground coffee used.Reduce the amount of coffee used to eliminate brew basket overflows.
Coffeemaker needs cleaning.Follow the instructions in the De-scaling With Auto Clean section.
The 5 selection lights on the single-serve side are blinking and unit will not brew.Water reservoir may not be securely placed onto unit.Remove and securely replace the water reservoir.
The Auto Clean light is illuminated while the unit is on.It is time to Auto Clean your Café Select.Follow the instructions in the De-scaling with the Auto Clean System section.
Coffeemaker is leaking.Carafe lid may not be correctly placed on carafe.Make sure carafe lid is placed straight onto the carafe.
Carafe may not be correctly placed on the carafe platePlace carafe securely and squarely onto the carafe plate
Coffee sediment in brewed cup of coffee.Paper filter not opened or properly placed in brew basket.Rinse brew basket and re-insert paper filter into brew basket so edges remain pressed against the sides of the basket.
Coffee leaks onto base.The carafe has been removed for longer than 20 seconds during a brew cycle.Make sure to replace the carafe within 20 seconds during the brewing cycle.
A partial carafe of coffee brews.Water reservoir was not filled to the MAX line when the brew cycle started.Ensure the water reservoir is filled to the MAX line prior to brewing a full carafe.
The 5 selection lights on the single-serve side blink before brewing begins.There is less than 20 oz. of water in the water reservoir.Add additional water, or ensure that the volume of ground coffee has been adjusted.
Coffeemaker is leaking.Travel mug lid may still be on travel mug.Ensure lid is removed from travel mug before brewing.
Coffee tastes weaker than preferred.Too much water used for a single Pod coffee brew.Brew 2 coffee Pods into your mug. Choose a small brew volume.
Not enough ground coffee used.Increase the volume of coffee grounds in permanent filter.
Coffee leaks onto base.The coffee cup or mug was removed before brewing was complete.Wait until brew is complete and dripping stops before removing your mug.
The 5 selection lights on the single-serve side are blinking and unit will not brew.Less than 20 oz. of water in reservoir.Check water levels. Add additional water to reservoir if needed.
Brew basket lid may not be latched properly.Reopen brew basket lid and push to close unit lid clicks into place.
The 6 oz. and 16 oz. selection lights are blinking.The single serve filter basket lid is not tightly closed.Open and securely reclose the single serve filter basket lid.
Black and Decker Dual Brew Coffee Maker CM6000 Cafe Select


Cleaning your coffee maker, following the directions below is recommended after every use. This product contains no user serviceable parts.

  1. Make sure your coffee maker is turned OFF, unplugged and allow to cool.
  2. Wipe the outside of your coffee maker and carafe warming plate with a soft, damp cloth.
  3. Remove the Washable Brew Basket and 2-in-1 Grinder and Permanent Filter Basket, and discard the coffee grounds.
  4. Wash the Removable Showerhead and 2-in-1 Grinder and Permanent Filter Basket by hand in warm soapy water.
  5. Wash the glass carafe and Washable Brew Basket either by hand in warm soapy water, or in the dishwasher (top rack only).
  6. To clean the inside of the cover and inside of the grinder assembly, open the cover, leave in the open position, and wipe with a damp cloth.

Note: Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads, and never immerse the coffee maker housing or power cord in water.

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