Bloomfield Coffee Maker Troubleshooting
Bloomfield Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Bloomfield Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Bloomfield Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Bloomfield’s line of coffee makers has been a top choice in commercial kitchens for years, manufacturing a wide assortment of machines for cafes, restaurants and everything in between. But like any machine that gets used on a daily basis, you might experience a couple of problems over time. Fortunately, we’ve laid out easy troubleshooting tips to help get a Bloomfield coffee maker back up and running.

Bloomfield Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Solutions

Below are possible issues and remedies commonly associated with popular Bloomfield brewers, including Koffee-King™, Horizon and Satellite models.

Water Not Heating

  • Unplugged or defective power cord – Check if the power cord is unplugged or damaged. If the cord is damaged, have it replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Damaged wiring or parts – See if the machine has damaged wires or a broken thermostat or heating element. Have them repaired or replaced by an authorized technician, if necessary.
  • Thermostat is set too low – Check if your maker’s thermostat or temperature setting is at the right temperature. The water should be around 195°F-205°
  • Tripped high-limit thermostat – If the high-limit thermostat trips, allow it to cool down. It will self-reset once it cools.
  • No water or little water added at startup (pour-over models only) – On pour-over models, there might not be enough water during the brewing stages. Make sure to add enough water during startup.

Not Brewing

  • Plugged spray disk (Horizon models only) – If the spray disk is clogged up, clean or have it replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Plugged water filter – If you use a water filter and it’s dirty, have an authorized technician replace it.
  • Plugged water line/solenoid inlet strainer – A clogged water line strainer or solenoid inlet strainer can slow down the brewing process. If the strainer is dirty, clean it out.
  • Damaged wiring or parts – Check for damaged wires or if there is a broken timer, solenoid, controller or brew switch. Have the defective part repaired or replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Water supply off – See if the water supply to your coffee maker is off. If so, turn it back on.
  • Bad “BREW” switch – When the “BREW” switch is broken, have it replaced by an authorized technician.

Bad Coffee Quality

  • Dirty brewer, decanters or airpots – Make sure these facets of your machine are clean at all times. If they’re dirty, it will hamper the brewing process and lower the coffee’s quality.
  • Replace filters regularly – If you use taste or odor filters for your water supply, replace them regularly to ensure the best coffee quality.
  • Check your brewing process – See if you’re using proper grind and amount of coffee per brew.

Coffee Level Too High or Low

  • Timer is out of adjustment – When the timer is out of adjustment, it can affect the coffee level. Readjust the timer to correct the issue.
  • Incorrect amount of water or coffee grounds (pour-over models only) – On pour-over models, properly adjust the amount of water or coffee grounds. Increase the amount of water if the levels are too low, and decrease the amount of grounds if too high.

Overflowing Brew Chamber

  • Plugged dispense hole – See if the dispense hole on the brew chamber is blocked. If so, clean the chamber thoroughly.
  • Too much coffee – There might be too much coffee grounds or water. Make sure to adjust the amount accordingly.
  • Grinding too fine – If the coffee maker is creating too fine a grind, correct it to prevent an overflow.
  • Incorrect or too much filter paper – Make sure the unit is using real OEM Bloomfield filter paper. It also should be using just one filter per brew.

Water Spraying from Brew Head

  • Incorrectly installed spray gasket – Check the inside of the brew head to see if the spray gasket is improperly installed or broken. If so, repair or replace it.
  • Clogged spray disk– When the spray disk is plugged up, clean or replace it to improve spraying.

No Flow from Hot Water Faucet

  • Faucet valve is off – See if the faucet valve is turned off. Correct it by turning it back on.
  • Plugged faucet – A dirty faucet can hinder water flow. Disassemble the faucet, and clean it thoroughly.

Satellite Won’t Heat or Shorts Out

The issues below are associated with Satellite models only.

  • Blown fuse – Have the fuse replaced by an authorized technician to correct this issue.
  • Not seated correctly – Check if the satellite is seated incorrectly. If it’s out of place, adjust it accordingly.
  • Damaged components – See if the satellite receptacle or wiring is broken and have either repaired or replaced by an authorized technician. If neither are damaged, check if the brewer receptacle is broken. If it is, have the receptacle repaired or replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Wet insulation – When you notice the satellite shorting out, see if the insulation is wet. If it’s wet, take apart the satellite and let the insulation dry before putting it back together.

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