Morphy Richards Coffee Troubleshooting

Morphy Richards Coffee Machine Troubleshooting When a coffee maker won’t turn on or won’t function as directed, most users immediately decide that either they should send it back to the manufacturer or it’s time to throw the appliance away. Why not try to repair it first? A coffee maker is a relatively simple appliance that doesn’t require a lot of experience to be repaired. The Morphy Richards troubleshooting solution may be as easy as just forcefully spraying water into the “fill area.”

Morphy Richards Nesta coffee maker troubleshooting

Coffee leaks from the
•Coffee grounds trapped in the Coffee Tank dispensing mechanism under seal in Coffee TankCleaning with vinegar
CLEAN appears in displayThis is a reminder to clean the coffee makerCleaning with vinegar
Coffee tastes bad• Coffee maker needs cleaning
• Coffee ground too coarsely or too finely
• Coffee-to-water ratio unbalanced
• Poor water quality
•Clean with vinegar
• Set coffee grinder to automatic
drip grind
• Adjust for personal preference
• Use water filter or bottled
water to make coffee
Coffee not brewing or stops
brewing/unit will not turn on
• Mineral deposits have built up
• Water reservoir is empty
• Unit is unplugged
• Power outage or power surge
• Clea with vinegar
• Fill with water
• Plug in
• If surge, unplug; then plug back in
Coffee brews slowly• The coffee maker needs cleaning
• The coffee maker is in the ‘1–4 Cups’ or ‘Bold’ modes
• Clean at least every 30 days to maintain proper performance
• Press Brew Mode button until no lights appear
Coffee overflows basket• Excessive amounts of coffee grinds
• Coffee ground too finely
• Do not exceed 12 tbsp of coffee grinds
• Set coffee grinder to automatic drip grind
Unit beeps continuously/ will not brew and/or ‘Pour Water’ appears in display• No water in the Water Tank• Fill the Water Tank
Coffee is cold when dispensed• Selected Keep Warm Hours have elapsed and coffee maker
has automatically shut off
• Reheat coffee or brew a
new pot.Reheating coffee:
Press and hold the On / Off Button for 3
seconds. This will reset the timer and keep coffee
warm for selected number of hours (1, 2, 3, or 4).

Morphy Richards Nesta coffee maker. Cleaning with vinegar

Clean coffee maker with vinegar at least once a

month (once a week in hard water areas)

1Pour 1 pint (2 cups/500ml) vinegar into the Water Tank
2Press the On/Off button. Press again after 20 seconds and leave product for 30 minutes.

Press the On/Off button to begin the brewing process. Turn the coffee maker off when finished.

When cool, dispense several cups before emptying and rinsing the Coffee Tank and Water Tank
NOTE: The coffee maker will remind you it is time for cleaning in one of two ways:1) Built-in cycle timer—Every 30 cycles, CLEAN will flash in display and stay illuminated for 2 cycles.

2) Built-in residue sensor—CLEAN will appear in display when unit senses residue buildup and remain illuminated until the unit has been cleaned.

The Morphy Richards company was founded in 1936 by Donald Morphy and Charles Richards. Originally, it dealt with electrical, gas, radio, and television equipment. Today, the UK-based company sells a wide range of small household appliances, mostly kitchen appliances.

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