Salton Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Salton Coffee Machine Troubleshooting Don’t throw away your Salton coffee machine just because there’s something wrong with it. It may well turn out that’s just a minor problem requiring a quarter of an hour to solve it. For the solution, refer to the Salton troubleshooting tables below and carefully read the advice from the company’s experts.

Salton EX coffee maker troubleshooting

1. Filter coffee does not flow.• Remember to fill Reservoir or Boiler with water before machine is switched On.
• Check if Switch is On.
• Use a coarser grind of coffee.
• Reduce the amount of coffee in the Espresso
Filter. Do not compact coffee in the Filter.
2. Filter coffee is too weak or flows too quickly.• Use a finer grind of coffee.
• Increase the amount of coffee in the Filter.
3. Filter coffee flows too slowly or is too strong.• Use coarser grind.
• Reduce the amount of coffee in the Filter.
• Descaling your Coffee Maker.
4. Espresso coffee flows from the edge of the Filter Holder.• NOTE: Allow machine to cool completely.
• Wipe excess grinds from the Filter Holder.
• Make sure the Filter Holder is installed
securely in the ‘Lock’ position.
5. No steam from the Steam Tube or steam stops before frothing is complete.• NOTE: Allow machine to cool completely.
• Remember to fill the Boiler.
• Check if the switch is On.
• Make sure that the Espresso/Steam Control
Knob is in the Steam position (steam cloud
• Close the Steam Control Knob, remove and
wash the Steam Nozzle. Unblock the Steam
Tube and using a straight pin. Then try
6. Steam escapes from the
Boiler Cap area.
• This is the normal functioning of the pressure regulating device.

Salton MEPE coffee maker troubleshooting

THE COFFEE IS NOT HOT ENOUGHPre-heat the cups, wait until the Green “GO” Control Light goes on.
This indicates the machine is hot enough for proper brewing.
NO COFFEE WILL COME OUTCheck the water level and make sure the valve under the water
reservoir is open by pressing the top of the reservoir.
THE MACHINE WON’T TURN ONCheck to make sure the Hood is completely closed and that the unit is plugged in.
THE PUMP MAKES A LOT OF NOISECheck the level of the water.

Salton describes itself as “your gourmet appliance company.” It manufactures an array of kitchen appliances, including deep fryers, grill, microwave ovens, dessert makers, coffee machines etc. In 2000, Salton merged with Toastess, a specialty kitchen appliances manufacturer founded in 1945.

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