Thermador Coffee Machine Troubleshooting
Thermador Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Thermador Coffee Machine Troubleshooting

Thermador Coffee Machine Troubleshooting In most cases, the problems your Thermador coffee maker is experiencing are easy to resolve even if you don’t have relevant experience. For instance, mineral build-up, which alters the taste of the beverage and damages the machine itself, can be avoided by using filtered or boiled water. To find out ways of troubleshooting the coffee machine and avoiding issues in the future, consult the tables below.

Thermador SAVOR coffee machine troubleshooting

Built-in coffee machine error codes.

Malfunction Cause Remedial action
Add beans
is displayed despite a full bean container
Grinder has still not been filled automatically. Press the 2 button.
The beans are too big or too oily – they do not slide into the grinding unit. Use less oily or smaller beans. To remove big beans use a vacuum cleaner.
No hot water or steam discharge. Nozzle is blocked. Thoroughly clean nozzle.
Froth insufficient or too runny. Sleeve a on nozzle not in correct position. Push down sleeve a on nozzle
Unsuitable milk. Use cold semi-skimmed milk.
Coffee is running a drop at a time. Degree of grinding too fine. Select a coarser degree of grinding.
The beans are too oily. Use less oily beans.
Preground coffee too fine. Use a coarser ground coffee. To rinse the appliance. Do not add coffee powder in the duct.
Coffee has no ‘crema’ (layer of froth). Unsuitable type of coffee. Change the type of coffee.
Beans no longer fresh. Use fresh beans.
Degree of grinding not appropriate for coffee beans. Optimize degree of grinding.
Grinding unit is not grinding coffee beans. Beans are not falling into the grinding unit (too oily). Gently tap the bean container.
Descaling program does not start. Current programming set to “Filter Yes|New” or “change filter” display. Set programming to “Filter No|OLD” Before descaling the appliance, always remove the filter.
System too hot. Draw off some of the hot water.
Cleaning program
does not start.
System too hot. Draw off some of the hot
Change filter.
Grinding unit is
making a loud noise.
Foreign objects in the
grinding unit (e.g. grit which
also occurs in superior types
of coffee).
Contact Customer Service.
Note: Ground coffee can still be prepared.
Display ERROR 1 Appliance too cold. Wait until the appliance has
warmed up to room
Display ERROR 5
or ERROR 8
Technical malfunction. Switch OFF the device at the power switch 1 for at least 10 seconds.
If malfunctions cannot be eliminated.. Always call Customer Service!

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