AccuTemp Steamer Troubleshooting

AccuTemp Steamer Troubleshooting AccuTemp steamers have been changing the way commercial kitchens cook food for years. Whether it’s the Evolution or Steam n’ Hold model, both pieces of equipment are ENERGY STAR qualified and cook food quickly and efficiently. Each steamer also doubles as a holding cabinet, allowing you to keep food warm for extended periods of time.

AccuTemp Steamer Troubleshooting Solutions

When your unit starts losing steam, it can put a major obstacle in your commercial kitchen. But don’t panic! We have AccuTemp steamer troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose the issue and resolve it quickly.

Problems to Troubleshoot:

Evolution Steamer Error Code Warning Lights

  • Low Water
  • High Water
  • Overtemp

Common Evolution and Steam n’ Hold Issues

  • Undercooked or Slowly Cooked Food
  • Steamer Won’t Come On
  • Steamer Won’t Heat Up
  • Steam Comes Out Door

Evolution Steamer Error Code Warning Lights

Before you start doing a deep dive into the problem, check if your unit is displaying one of its warning lights. These serve as error codes, so you know what’s wrong with your steamer. Below are common codes associated with the Evolution model.

Low Water

When the Low Water light displays on an AccuTemp Evolution Steamer, there could be two issues. See if the unit is low on water and needs to be replenished. If that’s not the problem, the water sensors in your steamer might need to be cleaned.

High Water

If the High Water light comes on, this means there is too much water in the unit. To resolve this problem, open the drain valve and drain out water until the warning light goes off. Whatever you do, don’t open the door when the indicator comes on.


The Overtemp indicator lights up when the steamer has overheated. Open the door carefully to let steam escape from the unit and check the water level at the bottom of the unit. The unit may have run out of water or is overworked. Here are the procedures to resolve either issue:

  • Out of water – If the water level is almost empty, look at the water supply to see if the unit isn’t off. Power down the unit and let it cool down. Then, clean the water level sensor probes in the front left corner of the unit’s interior. Make sure to wear protective gloves and clean the surrounding wall around the probes. When you turn the steamer back on it should refill.
  • Normal water level – If the water level is normal, let the unit cool for a few minutes. Once the Overtemp light goes off, restart the steamer. If the issue persists, contact an authorized technician or service company for assistance.

Common Evolution and Steam n’ Hold Issues

When your steamer is on the fritz, look for the follow issues:

Undercooked or Slowly Cooked Food

  • Door gasket dirty or damaged – If the door gasket has any cracks, splits or debris, this prevents the door from sealing shut and allows heat to escape. Replace your damaged gasket or clean off any debris to resolve this issue. Check for fragments under the seal or flap.
  • Improper door alignment – An unaligned door also can prevent it from sealing shut. Conduct a Dollar Bill test, but closing the door on a dollar. If there isn’t resistance when pulling out the dollar, you may need to retighten your hinge screws or replace them. Read your owner’s manual for further instructions.
  • Incorrect pan positioning – Make sure your pans are in the proper positions. For instance, on an Evolution model, cooking is optimized by placing 2.5″ pans in partial load positions. Refer to your owner’s manual for best loading practices.
  • Check the cook and temperature settings – Double check to see if you’re using the proper temperature and cooking settings. In cases where pans are covered or food is packaging, you may need to increase time or temperature.On Evolution models, push the Display Temperature button when in Cook Mode to see if the unit is at the boiling point of water. If not, the unit could be in Hold Mode.
  • Inefficient drain valve – See if the water drain valve is tightly fastened. When it’s not closed tightly, this could affect efficiency when cooking.
  • Issues with the pressure switch – When in Fast Cook mode, see if the pressure switch should close when the steam chamber reaches its thermostat setting. Check your manual for proper cycle times to reach the proper setting. If the cycle times are off, have the pressure switch replaced by an authorized technician.

Steamer Won’t Come On

  • Door is open – Whenever the door is cracked open, the steamer won’t turn on. Clean the door gasket if it’s dirty, or replace a damaged gasket or hinges to help the door seal shut.
  • No water – Check if there is no water in the steamer. Fill up the unit with up to three gallons of water, and make sure the water level is above the water sensors.
  • Dirty water sensors – The dirty water sensors might be dirty and hinder the performance. Thoroughly clean them with scrubbing pad and follow instructions in your owner’s manual.
  • Check the power supply – See if the outlet is working or the power cord is unplugged or damaged. Also, see if the breaker is turned off or if there is a blown fuse.
  • “High Water” light on – On an Evolution model, the High Water light comes on when there is too much water in the steamer. Solve the issue by opening the drain valve and drain out water until the warning light goes off.

Steamer Won’t Heat or Has Low Temperature

  • Door is open – If the door is cracked open, the steamer won’t heat up. Make sure to clean the door gasket, or replace a damaged gasket or hinges that could be keeping the door from closing.
  • Issues with heating elements – There could be resistance and wiring issues causing problems with the heating elements. Contact an authorized technician or service company to solve this issue.

Steam Comes Out Door

Most of the time, the door is cracked open. As with the previous issues, make sure the door is sealed shut. If not, the gasket might be dirty or damaged. Clean any debris, or replace the gasket if there are cracks or splits. Also, check if the hinges are damaged or the hinges screws need to be refastened.

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