Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven Troubleshooting
Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven Troubleshooting

Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven Troubleshooting

Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven Troubleshooting The Baxter mini rotating rack oven is perfect for any commercial kitchen as it’s specifically designed to bake, roast and rethermalize all in one unit. Not only that, but its small footprint won’t take up space, making it a versatile unit. Since it’s such a useful , knowing how to troubleshoot common issues should they arise can get it back up and running quickly. Should you encounter any of these issues, follow these handy troubleshooting tips for the Baxter OV310G and OV310E mini rotating rack oven models.

Baxter Mini Rotating Rack Oven Troubleshooting Solutions

Uneven Baking

If baked goods aren’t cooking evenly, adjust the shutters until the desired result is achieved. If problem still persists, contact an authorized technician.

The Burners Won’t Light

If the gas burners aren’t lighting, follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Turn off the power by pressing the ON/OFF button. Wait 5 minutes.
  • Step 2. Check that the gas shutoff valve is in the ON position.
  • Step 3. Turn the oven back on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

After you follow these steps, try to relight the burners. If the oven doesn’t light, turn off the gas shutoff valve and call an authorized service technician.

Alarm Begins to Sound

An alarm can sound for a number of reasons. In the event that an alarm goes off, the oven will automatically:

  • Shut off all features
  • Flash the current temperature in the OVEN TEMP display
  • The BAKE TIMER display reads “SHdn”

Types of Alarms and Display Messages

  • Rapid Beeping from Control
    • Cause—Temperature alert is set for Kosher Mode
    • Action to Take—If the VENT is on, turn it off. For gas ovens, check that the burner is firing. If it’s not, briefly open and close the door to reset temperature control.
  • Display Shows “LOC OUT”
    • Cause—Oven is in Kosher Lock-Out Mode
    • Action to Take—Contact an authorized technician.

Circulation Blower Isn’t Running

If the circulation blower isn’t running, it’s due to several factors. It will only run when:

  • The oven is below the set point
  • No bake time is entered
  • The burners/heaters are on

Rack Isn’t Rotating

The rack won’t rotate if there is no time set and started on the oven, or the doors aren’t properly closed.

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