Cooking Brands Error Codes List
Cooking Brands Error Codes List

Cooking Brands Error Codes List

Cooking Brands Error Codes List If your device is showing an error code on the screen, it may be a simple problem that you can fix. Please refer to the table below to find the error code with information and possible solution. Looking for Induction Cooker error codes? Here you can find the error codes of all popular induction cookers and how to troubleshoot them. These are for information purposes only, do not try to open your stove without appropriate safety precautions, we recommend that you call the service personnel when any service is required.

Cooking Error Codes List

An error code will appear on your hob’s control panel if a switch is stuck or the burners cannot detect your pan. Most info codes and notifications on the hob can be resolved with a power cycle. If you have an induction hob, be sure to use cookware that is compatible with induction elements.

We have listed below the Fault and Error Codes of Popular General Brands:

Error codes for induction cookers are in the owner’s manual, so if your appliance is trying to “tell” you something, see what exactly the problem is and how to properly fix it. Don’t forget to follow all safety precautions while doing this. For example, if you find even a small crack on the surface, switch off the appliance immediately and then unplug it. In case of a permanent connection, set the switch of the electric unit to the zero position. Then contact the service department.

Some problems that occur may appear to be malfunctions. But in reality, this is a normal situation. For example, when the device starts, text appears on the screen or emits a strange smell after it is turned on. These are all standard things for new technology. You can also observe that the fan continues to run for a few minutes after it is turned off – the device just cools down. If you hear soft clicking sounds, that’s the work of the power limiter on the front and rear burners. They can also occur at low power levels or when the pan recognition system is triggered. And the dishes themselves can hum or click a bit too. This is typical for induction cookers.

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