Groen Steamer Troubleshooting
Groen Steamer Troubleshooting

Groen Steamer Troubleshooting

Groen Steamer Troubleshooting Steam ovens let you cook everything from veggies to meat quickly while retaining natural flavors and nutrients. Groen manufactures a line of steamers used throughout the foodservice industry, whether it’s in restaurants, hotels or cafeteria kitchens. But like any piece of commercial equipment used on a daily basis, issues can pop up occasionally. Fortunately, we have a list of Groen steamer troubleshooting tips to help you out. The problems and solutions below are associated with popular gas and electric units, including SSB SmartSteam100, VRC Vortex100, HY HyPerSteam/HyPlus and XS Interlink models.

Groen Steamer Troubleshooting Solutions

No Power

If the steamer has no power, look for these possible causes:

  • Broken or tripped circuit – Check the facility’s breaker box to see if it’s tripped or broken. Reset or replace accordingly.
  • Blown fuses on steamer – Disconnect the power from the steamer. An authorized technician will need to check if the fuses on the back of the unit need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Defective components – The machine could have a broken part. Have an authorized technician check for a faulty high-limit control, water-level control and lower-water probe as well as other components.

No Steam or Won’t Fill with Water

When the unit doesn’t produce steam or the steam generator/boiler won’t fill with water, check for the following problems:

  • “ON” switch not depressed – Before doing a deeper dive, make sure the “ON” switch is pushed in all the way.
  • Water supply issues – See if the facility’s water supply is on or if the unit is connected to the water supply properly. If the water supply is on or properly connected, check if the supply hose is kinked or clogged. Unkinking or cleaning the hose should correct the issue. If there’s damage to the hose, have it replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Door is open – Whenever the oven door is open, the unit won’t produce steam. If the door won’t close, see if there is an obstruction or any damage to the gasket or hinges that could be preventing the door from sealing shut.
  • Dirty steam generator – If there is a significant buildup of lime or scale on the steam generator, this can affect your unit. Consult your operator’s manual for proper deliming and cleaning instructions.
  • Low water pressure – The water pressure to your unit could be low. See if the pressure in your facility is less than 30 PSI or the water flow is less than 1.5 GPM.
  • Clogged water connection – If the screen at the water connection is obstructed, this can prevent proper filling. Clear any obstruction, and replace the screen if damaged.
  • Closed drain valve – If the manual drain valve is closed, open it to let water flow into the unit.

Overfills with Water

If the steamer overfills with water, look for the potential causes below:

  • Unit isn’t level – When the unit isn’t level, this can cause water to overfill. Use a spirit level to see if the steamer is level.
  • High water pressure – Check if the water pressure in the facility is too high. Pressure into the unit shouldn’t be greater than 60 PSI.
  • Dirty drain strainer – A buildup of debris or scale can cause water to overfill. Clean the strainer thoroughly to improve water flow.

Door Opens

When the door opens during operation, the issues below could be the culprit:

  • Door pin needs adjustment – As the gasket wear from age, the door pin on a select units will need to be adjusted. This is prominent on certain SmartSteam100 models. Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.
  • Plugged drain and vent – Clogging in the drain or vent can cause the door to open. Make sure that the drain line is clean, and avoid attaching more than two units to a single drain line.

If neither are the cause, contact an authorized technician to diagnose and repair.

Pilot Won’t Light (HyPerSteam Models)

On HyPerSteam units, the pilot might not light because of the following causes:

  • Gas supply disconnected or valve turned off – Make sure the unit is properly connect to the gas supply in your facility. The valve also could be turned to the off position.
  • Bad fuses or circuit breakers – Look if the facility’s circuit breakers need to be reset or blown fuses need to be replaced.
  • Ignition switch is off – Check if the pilot ignition switch isn’t activated. Contact an authorized technician to repair the switch.
  • Exposed to drafts – See if there are drafts coming in contact with the unit. They could be blowing out the pilot.

Main Burners Won’t Light (HyPerSteam Models)

On HyPerSteam units, the main burners might not light because of the following issues:

  • “ON” switch not depressed – Check that the “ON” switch is pushed in all the way.
  • Water supply issues – The facility’s water supply might not be on or properly connected to the unit. If neither is the problem, see if the supply hose is kinked or clogged. Unkinking or cleaning the hose should remedy the issue. Replace the hose if it’s damaged.
  • Door is open – If the door is open, the main burners won’t light. If it’s not sealing shut, check for any obstruction or damage to the gasket or hinges. Either issue could be preventing the door from sealing shut.
  • Clogged filter or water screen – See if the filter or water screen is dirty or obstructed. Thoroughly clean the area or replace the filter or screen if damaged.

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