Hansa Induction Cooker Error Codes
Hansa Induction Cooker Error Codes

Hansa Induction Cooker Error Codes

Hansa Induction Cooker Error Codes We have collected all the error codes of Hansa induction cookers with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

Hansa Induction Cooker Error Code Solutions

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error. Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Error codeDescriptionCauses and solution
F3Emergency failure of the temperature sensor.A breakdown can be triggered by a circuit; when the contacts burn out, the thermal sensor does not respond to commands. Disconnect the hob from the power supply, contact a service center.
F4The temperature sensor is defective.The most likely cause of the breakdown is power surges. You cannot replace the sensor yourself; you must contact the after-sales service. We also recommend inspecting the inverter.
F5The temperature sensor does not work.A short circuit or open circuit has occurred, resulting in an emergency breakdown. Do not operate the device until the master arrives. He will carry out diagnostics and repairs.
F6The temperature sensor has failed.A short circuit can damage any equipment. The problem may be related to leakage of water under the hob and oxidation of the contacts. Call the wizard to fix the problem.
F7The temperature sensor is broken.The temperature sensor could burn out due to power surges. Perhaps the ceramic is too dirty, it needs to be wiped clean so that the sensors react. Damage can only be repaired at a service center.
F8Damage to the temperature sensor.Often, switches and sensors do not function when a cooking device is shorted or dirty. Clean the panel and call the service center to call a specialist.
F9IGBT system failure.Poor cooling provoked re-melted solder spots on the transistor. Such malfunctions can be fixed only in the after-sales service, at the same time check the ventilation clearances.
FEFaulty IGBT system.Unreliable contacts and open circuit provoke burnout of modules and transistors. Need a complete replacement of the modules, call service.
E1The hob does not turn on.Due to power surges, the panel may not work when turned on. Inspect the cable – it may be pinched. Check the network – if there is electricity. Contact customer service.
E2The sensor does not respond when turned on.There may be problems with power surges. Check the voltage level, if everything is in order – contact the service center.
E3The temperature sensor does not work.Check if you are using suitable utensils. If everything is in order with the dishes, you need to contact the after-sales service to replace the temperature sensor.
E4The temperature of the burners is not adjustable.Either you are using unsuitable cookware or the sensor has burned out. Check the correct choice of cooking utensils and contact the service center and call the wizard.
E5The heat radiation at the burners is disturbed.Reload your hob. Poor heat radiation is the result of weak voltage. Severe overheating – fan malfunction. Contact the wizards from the service.
E6Heat emission problems.Poor heating of the burners indicates a weak voltage in the network. Fast overheating – malfunctioning cooling elements. Call a specialist from the after-sales service, he will fix this defect.

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