Midea Oven Error Codes

Midea Oven Error Codes If an abnormality comes up, the induction hob will enter the protective state automatically and display corresponding protective codes:

Midea Oven Error Code Solutions

Error CodesMeaning
E1The thermal safety switch-off function has been activated. Call the after-sales service.
E2Abnormal supply voltage. Please inspect whether power supply is normal. Power on after the power supply is normal.
E3Temperature sensor of the ceramic glass plate Is high. Please restart after the induction hob cools down.
E4E4 appears in the display panel. The thermal safety switch-off function has been activated.
E5Temperature sensor of the IGBT Is high. Please restart after the induction hob cools down.
E11Moisture in the control panel. Allow the control panel to dry.
E17Rapid heating has failed.
FCThe connection between the display board and the main board is fail
F1-F6Temperature sensor failure
F9-FATemperature sensor of the IGBT failure
0:00Power cut. Reset the clock.

if there are anyone zone of the flexible area to be protected,the flexible area selection control will not be able to use。 The above are the judgment and inspection of common failures. Please do not disassemble the unit by yourself to avoid any dangers and damages to the induction hob.

Midea Convection Oven with Microwave Control Panel

Cleaning And Maintenance

For the sake of a good appearance and reliability, keep the oven clean. The modern design of the unit facilitates maintenance to a minimum. The parts of the oven which come into contact with food have tobe cleaned regularly.

  1. Before any maintenance and cleaning, disconnect the power.
  2. Set all controls in the OFF position.
  3. Wait until the oven interior has cooled down to slightly warm before cleaning.
  4. Clean the surface of the oven with a damp cloth, soft brush or fine sponge and then wipe dry.
  5. For cleaning the glass of the oven door, do not use abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers,these can scratch the surface or lead to the glass being damaged.
  6. Never leave acidic substances (lemon juice, vinegar) on stainless steel parts.
  7. Do not use a high pressure cleaner for cleaning. The baking pans may be washed in mild detergent.


Repairs may only be carried out by fully trained aftersales service engineers.

Saving Energy

  1. Only preheat the oven if this is specified in the recipe or in the operating instruction tables.
  2. Use dark, black lacquered or enamelled baking tins. They absorb the heat particularly well.
  3. Open the oven door as infrequently as possible while you are cooking, baking or roasting.
  4. It is best to bake several cakes one after the other. The oven is still warm. This reduces the baking time for the second cake. You can also place two loaf tins next to each other.
  5. For longer cooking times, you can switch the oven off 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time and use the residual heat to finish cooking.

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