Miele Induction Cooker Error Codes

Miele Induction Cooker Error Codes We have collected all the error codes of Miele induction cookers with a detailed description of the causes of malfunctions, diagnostics and repair. For convenience, arranged in a convenient and understandable table below.

Miele Induction Cooker Error Code Solutions

The models with the display show the alphanumeric combination on your display, find it in the table and find out the reason for the error. Models without a display do not execute the specified program and according to the lit or flashing lights placed on the control panel, you can find out the problem.

Error codeDescriptionCauses and solution
LCActive power-on lock and / or normal.Depending on the model, you need to hold down the “+” and “-” or “lock” and “0” buttons. Hold down the key combination until a distinctive beep sounds.
dEThe panel works in demo mode.To turn off the demo mode, go into programming and select “S1”. Call a professional to solve the problem.
FE37Active heat protection.Try another cookware. If protection does not turn off, contact service.
FE44Panel protection is included.Perhaps you are using the wrong dishes, try replacing them. Reduce the power of the burner; if this does not help, contact a service center.
FE47Overheating hob.Check the gaps between the panel and the shelf (at least 1.5 cm wide). Try to turn it on again, if it doesn’t help, you need help from a service center.
FE48The working area of ​​the panel is overheating.Perhaps the installation work is broken, the cooling mechanism is defective. Try restarting the device or contact a specialist.
FE49Burner cooling does not work.The device overheats due to errors made during installation. The cooler (fan) may be damaged.
FE00Launch lock or regular lock activated.To deactivate, you need to turn off the power or, depending on the model, hold down the following buttons: + and -, L and C, “lock” and “0”.
FE04Demo mode is on.To turn off the demo mode, hold the touch buttons “0” on the left and “2” on the right, hold 6 seconds until disconnected.
FE08Overheat protection tripped.The mechanism works if they put empty dishes or inappropriate. Turn off electrical equipment, let it cool. Consult a specialist about replacing a fan.
FE12The protective mechanism against overheating is activated.The protective mechanism works in such cases: failure of the cooler and non-compliance of the ventilation with the norms. Remove foreign objects from the device.
FE16Overheating hob.Correct the lack of installation, increase the ventilation gaps (at least 1.5 cm). Maybe there are problems with the cooler. Reduce power on electric burners during operation.
FE76Critically high temperature.The problem with overheating is not always the malfunction of the cooler. Round bottom dishes also activate protection. Narrow ventilation gaps do not allow air to circulate and the equipment does not cool down.
FE01The permissible temperature on the device has been exceeded.Weak cooler, poor ventilation are common causes of insufficient cooling. Call service in order to repair the fan.
FE02The problem is programming.The computer may crash due to violations of the rules when connected. Try turning the device off and on again, if the breakdown code lights up on the display, call the wizard for flashing.
FE03Programming failed.This is a serious malfunction related to the motherboard. You can only disconnect the device from the power supply and wait for the arrival of a specialist for further repairs.
FE05Violations in the programming.Most likely the firmware or the entire motherboard flew. You must disconnect the equipment from the network, immediately call the flashing specialist, do not take any action.
FE06Crash in touch switch programming.Due to a malfunction of the motherboard, the firmware flashed. Need intervention service. There they can not only identify the cause of the breakdown, but also eliminate its repetition.
FE07The functioning of the motherboard is broken.Incorrect connection of equipment, violation of installation requirements are the reasons for the crashed software. Urgently call specialists from the repair company.
FE09The firmware has flown.The software crashes in case of improper connection of equipment, burnout of the motherboard. It is necessary to call an employee from a service technician.
FE10Does not respond to pressing “-” of the front left electric burner.The signal transmission area does not respond well to pressure due to stains of fat – wipe the ceramics. If the contact is poor, a breakdown of insulation has occurred and the services of a repair service organization will be needed.
FE11The “+” front left does not work.It is necessary to wipe on the pure glass ceramics and buttons with automation. If the problem persists, contact a service center to diagnose and replace the sensor sensors.
FE13The front left burner booster does not function.Perhaps you have not cleaned the glass ceramics, and the automation slows down dirt and spilled liquid. Wipe clean the equipment and try to press the button again.
FE14“-” The rear left does not function well.The cause of the malfunction may be a lack of cleanliness of glass ceramics or a breakdown in the isolation of the switch. Polish the work area, if it does not work, contact a specialist from a service company.
FE15Defective “+”, rear left electric burner.Due to contamination, the tactile contact between the ceramic surface and the meter may be disturbed. Wipe the ceramics clean after every cooking.
FE17The rear left burner booster does not work.Failure of an emergency increase in power can be triggered by a breakdown of insulation on the meter. Wipe the ceramic thoroughly; call a repair technician to diagnose the sensor.
FE18The “-” central burner has failed.Burning the meter on the transmitter makes the push button malfunctioning. Inspect the display for cracks and chips, for water to leak. If you notice something, call a service company.
FE19The “+” central burner does not respond.The switch may have blown, contact your service provider to replace it. There are frequent cases when the “+” does not function due to pollution.
FE20The hotplate booster is not responding.Keep your equipment clean and dry. Often due to oil stains, the function of increasing power does not work. If the pottery is clean, call a craftsman for repair.
FE21The “-” sensor on the rear right burner does not respond.Automation does not work due to burning and grease – wipe the panel. Perhaps short-circuited contacts – an employee of a service company will inspect the meter and replace if necessary.
FE22Damage to the “+” sensor of the rear right electric burner.If there is a break / short circuit of the temperature sensor, then you need the services of a repair company. “+” Does not respond due to contamination, then wipe the ceramic surface.
FE23The rear right booster is defective.Polish the glass ceramics with a dry, clean cloth. If a short-term increase in power is not possible, then the contacts have closed. Need an electrician to replace the module.
FE24The “-” front right burner does not function.The problem of malfunction is burnout of the meter. Contact the repair service to replace it. Keep the ceramic panel clean and call a repair technician.
FE25front right “+” does not respond to clicks.There can be two reasons for the failure of the “+”: spilled fat and fuses. In the first case, wipe clean the area of ​​the burners and touch buttons, in the second – contact the service.
FE30The front right burner booster does not work.This function does not respond due to violations of ceramic purity standards, or a sensor short circuit. Clean the work surface from grease, clean. Call the service to inspect the device.
FE31The timer “-” does not work.Problems with the time function are due to a shorted sensor or a dirty ceramic surface. In the first case, contact the repair service. Secondly, clean the work surface.
FE32“+” On the timer reacts to pressing.Remove dirt from the glass ceramics in the area of ​​the buttons. If the timer does not work, then the meter is closed on the touch switch. In this situation, contact the service.
FE33The clock switch is out of order.To bring the watch to working condition, clean the ceramic surface from dirt. If the panel is clean, it means the timer sensor is buggy, you need to call an employee from the service to replace it.
FE34Damage to the “lock” sensor.Perhaps the sensor does not respond due to excessive contamination of the ceramic device – wipe it. The “lock” could fail due to power surges, a weak inverter.
FE35Button “I” is out of order.The malfunction can be triggered by stains of grease and spilled water on the ceramic or by shorting the sensor. Wash the hob with a special tool and, if “I” does not work, call the wizard.
FE39Switch “M” does not work.Due to the high contamination of the ceramics, the switch may not respond – clean the panel from stains and burning. The sensor may also fail, then contact the after-sales service.
FE40Assumption of errors during installation and connection.You can fix the problem in the repair service. It is necessary to check the connection and installation again. For example, mounting on a metal surface is prohibited.
FE41Electrical engineering works with violations.Typically, the causes of the damage are insignificant – most often the cable is pinched or the place of its connection is damaged. Inspect it for integrity, call a specialist from a service center.
FE42Control electronics are not compatible with power.Here, the complete diagnosis of the device is extremely important. Problems may be related to firmware or power module. A repair technician will be able to determine the cause of the failure and restore the equipment.
FE43Electronics defectiveShort circuit of the network and breakdown of insulation provoke burnout of the electronics module. You can’t do anything on your own, call the service and wait for the master to arrive.
FE45NTC failed on a medium power electronics heatsink.The insulation of the thermistor may be broken. Sometimes NTC burns out due to overvoltage. Eliminate the problem only in the service.
FE51The display is malfunctioning when connected errors are made.Inspect the display for chips or cracks. If it is intact, you need to check if water has flowed into it. Clean the work area of ​​the equipment. Contact the wizard to check if the contacts have moved away.
FE52The rear right burner module does not work.Most likely the module has burned out or thermal grease needs to be restored. You yourself can’t bring the device in good condition, contact the service.
FE53Damage to the rear right electric burner.Components burn out due to short circuit or violation of operating rules. Disconnect electrical equipment from the network and contact the repair service.
FE54Malfunction of the middle burner.A malfunction may cause a slight voltage or violation of the operating rules. We recommend that you call a repair worker to fix the problem.
FE55Damage to the middle burner.Modular components fail due to electronics. Power devices may fail due to an unstable network or a violation of operating rules. Need help from a service center.
FE60Electronics defective.This can be a factory marriage, a breakdown of the power unit, a breakdown of insulation in the circuit – in any of the situations, you must contact the service center.
FE80Electronics module defective.Such problems may indicate factory defects. In houses with poor wiring due to unstable voltage, the module in power devices often burns out. Call a wizard from a service company.
FE81Electronics out of order.Programming does not work, repair / replacement of the electronic module is necessary, contact a service center.
FE84The electronic module has failed.There may be problems with the network or software. It is necessary to identify in which place the circuit is interrupted, which is malfunctioning. Turn off electrical equipment and call the wizard from the after-sales service.
FE85Electronics does not work.Failure can be triggered by a software violation. Cases when poor wiring leads to a malfunction of the hob are not uncommon. You need the services of a repairman.
FE86Electronics module is not responding.In such a situation, the best thing you can do is disconnect the device from the network and wait for the master to come from the service. It is necessary to inspect all contacts, resistors, inverters.
FE99Overheating of electric hobs.This can happen due to boiling over the pan. Remove the dishes, reduce the power. Overheating is due to poor ventilation or a weak cooler. In such a situation, you need to contact a specialized service.

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