Miele Oven Error Codes

Miele Oven Error Codes Miele oven error codes are a perk and frustration to owning or working on a modern Miele oven. Errors or commonly know as fault codes are a way for the appliance to let you and the technician know that something is wrong with your Miele oven however if you don’t know what the different error code means, you and most technicians won’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. It’s like trying to communicate with someone that speaks a foreign language without a dictionary or translator which is why we find error codes on Miele ovens a mixed blessing as they are often a close kept secret from service companies who are not a Miele approved agent.

Miele Oven Error Code Solutions

If you receive a fault code on your Miele oven be sure to stop using that appliance immediately. Chances are if you’re getting the code, your appliance has stopped working all on its own! The next step is to find out what the code actually means and we have included some common error codes for Miele H ovens.

Error / Fault Code:Issue:
F5Oven PT1000 Sensor Short Circuit
F6Oven PT1000 Sensor Open Circuit
F7 Catalyser PT1000 Sensor Open Circuit
F9PT1000 Kat Sensor Open Circuit
F21Faulty Grill Heating Element
F22Faulty Oven Fan Forced Element
F23Pyrolysis Heating Fault
F30Different Signal Between Door & Door Contact
F31Door Open with Defective Door Lock
F32Door Lock Does Not Close
F33Door Lock Does Not Open
F43Model Type Not Programmed
F47BAE / SLT Interface Defective
F48BAE / O2 Sensor Interface Defective
F54Spit Shot Circuit
F55Over Riding Time Control Over Run
F57Faulty Cooling Fan
F60Faulty Hot Air Fan
F61Excessive Temperature
F89Faulty O2 Sensor
F90Faulty O2 System
F102Communication to Smart House Bus Failure
F103Smart House Bus Link Incompatibility
F180PT1000 Sensor Short Circuit Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F181PT1000 Sensor Open Circuit Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F182PT1000 Catalyser Sensor Short Circuit Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F183PT1000 Catalyser Sensor Open Circuit Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F184Pyrolysis Heating Fault Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F185Door Open with Defective Door Lock Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F186Door Lock Does Not Close Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F187Door Lock Does Not Open Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F188Spit Short Circuit Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F189Over-Riding Time Control Over Run Double Oven (Lower Oven)
F195Communication Fault with Radio Food Probe

Please note that error codes for the Miele ovens are used as a diagnostic guide and are not always correct. We have worked on many Miele ovens in the past where the fault was with a completely different part to what the error code was displaying which means you will need a skilled technician to diagnose the appliance fault.

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