Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Troubleshooting
Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Troubleshooting When it comes to ice, Ice-O-Matic is one of the best brands in the foodservice industry. They manufacture a wide variety of durable machines used in many establishments around the world, ranging from restaurants and convenient stores to hotels and healthcare facilities. If a unit isn’t running up to speed, it can be a major problem. Luckily, we have a list of common Ice-O-Matic ice machine troubleshooting tips to help you out.

Ice-O-Matic Ice Machine Troubleshooting Solutions

Machine Doesn’t Run

Assuming the selector switch is set to “ICE,” look for the following issues.

  • Power supply problems – The machine might be switched off or unplugged. If neither is the problem, check if the power cord is damaged or if there is a field wiring deficiency. Faulty wiring should be repaired by an authorized service technician.
  • High pressure safety control tripped – If the safety control is tripped, you’ll need to reset it and see what’s causing high head pressure.
  • High temperature safety control open – When the high temperature control is open, have an authorized technician remedy the issue.
  • Bin control out of alignment – See if the bin control needs to be adjusted or defective. If it’s faulty, have it replaced by an authorized technician immediately.
  • Liquid line solenoid energized and open – Find the reason why the liquid line solenoid is unopened or inactive, have an authorized technician replace it.

Machine Not Making Ice

Here are some factors that could be preventing the machine from making ice.

  • Compressor not running – There are a couple of reasons that keep the unit’s compressor from running. A bad contactor or coil might need to replaced, or it could be a broken compressor or starter components. Have an authorized technician replace these parts or the entire compressor assembly.
  • Water leaking – Look for leaking out of the purge drain or water trough. Both could will prevent the production of ice.
  • Low suction pressure – Since this requires the handling of refrigerant, make sure it’s looked at and repaired by an authorized technician.
  • Dirty condenser – An unclean condenser can increase pressure head and effect air flow, lowering production of ice.
  • Leaking hot gas valve – If the hot gas valve leaks during freezing, you’ll need to have the valve replaced.

Machine Not Harvesting

The harvest cycle starts when ice is ejected from its ice mold. When the machine doesn’t enter this mode, look for the following:

  • Uneven freeze pattern on evaporator – An uneven freeze pattern can be linked to different factors. If the compressor is in good shape, the issue could be tied to an overcharged system or a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) that is stuck open. If the compressor is worn out, have it replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Leaking in valves – There could be leaks in either the purge valve or hot gas valve. Stop the leakage by having an authorized technician replace either valve or removing any obstructions.
  • Timer issues – The timer initiate control might need to be readjusted or repaired by an authorized techncian. If the entire timer is defective, it would have to be replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Open high temperature safety control – If this control is open, the manual purge switch won’t energize the purge valve into operation.

Machine Harvests Too Long

If the harvest cycle is excessive, check for these issues:

  • Defective harvest assist assembly – If the harvest assist assembly is broken or not properly installed, readjust of have it replaced by an authorized technician.
  • Uneven ice formation on the evaporator – When the ice is uneven on the evaporator, there could be a refrigerant charge or leak. This MUST be handled by an authorized technician.
  • Defective hot gas valve – If the hot gas valve is broken or out of alignment, this could extend the harvest time. Have an authorized technician readjust or fix it immediately.
  • Dirty evaporator – The evaporator is crucial during the freezing and harvest cycles. If it’s dirty, clean it to improve performance.

Hollow Ice Cubes

If you notice hollow ice cubes, look for these root causes:

  • High water temperature – If the temperature exceeds 100°F, this will effect ice cubes during freezing and production. Correct the temperature in your facility.
  • Water leaking – Check for leakage from the purge drain. A broken drain or blockage could be causing a leak.
  • Timer issues – If the timer is set properly, see if the module needs to be readjusted or is broken. Also, check if the timer initiate control needs to be realigned or repaired by an authorized technician.

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