Maxx Ice Machine Troubleshooting
Maxx Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Maxx Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Maxx Ice Machine Troubleshooting Maxx Ice machines are used in a wide variety of foodservice establishments, ranging from hotels to restaurants. In the rare case this durable ice maker stops working, it can bring business to a halt. Fortunately, we have tips for troubleshooting a Maxx Ice machine, so you can diagnose the problem in no time. This guide addresses issues for MIM250/452/600/1000 models.

Maxx Ice Machine Troubleshooting Solutions

Won’t Operate

If the machine isn’t operating, look for the possible causes below:

  • Switched off – Make sure the ice maker is switched to “ON.”
  • Not plugged in – See if the power cord was accidentally knocked out of the wall outlet. If so, plug it back in.
  • Blown fuse – Have the fuse If the fuse blows again, have an authorized service agent check for short circuiting in the machine.
  • Full bin – The ice storage bin might be full of ice. Remove some of the ice and see if the water curtain and micro-switch are closed.

Storage Bin Won’t Fill

If the machine is making ice but the storage bin isn’t filling up, check for the following:

  • Dirty condenser – The condenser air filter might be dirty or clogged. Follow the cleaning procedure outlined in the owner’s manual.
  • Obstructed air flow – Air flow to the machine could be blocked. You might need to move it to a better spot or review the installation procedure in the owner’s manual. The unit might not have been installed properly.
  • Not cool enough – Both the water and ambient temperatures might be too high to create sufficient ice cubes. This also is common if the machine is near a heat source, such as a vent or another piece of commercial equipment. It might need to be moved or reinstalled based on the procedure in the owner’s manual.

Leaks Water

If you notice water leaking from the unit, see if water is present in the area below:

  • A few drops by the bin door – You might notice a few drops of water falling to the floor when you open the storage bin door to take out ice. This likely is from normal condensation or water on the door.
  • Water supply connection – If there is leaking by the water supply connection, tighten the fitting Check the owner’s manual for instructions or contact an authorized service technician for help correcting the issue.

Won’t Make Ice

If the machine suddenly stops making ice, the following might be a root cause:

  • No electricity – There might be no electricity to the unit. See if the power supply line needs to be reconnected or the machine’s power cord needs to be plugged in.
  • High temperature – If the temperature falls out of its stated range, this can yield ice production. Turn off the machine, and allow the machine to sit idle to return to its proper temperature.
  • Full bin – The ice storage bin might be full of ice. Remove some of the ice and see if the water curtain and micro-switch are closed.

Water Doesn’t Feed In

If water isn’t feeding in after the machine starts, look these potential causes:

  • Water tap is off – Check if the water tap is turned off. Make sure to turn it back on.
  • Water supply line not connected – If the water supply line isn’t connected correctly, reconnect the supply line properly.

Makes Noises

If the machine makes noise during operation, check for the following issues:

  • Feet not leveled or locked – Check the owner’s manual for proper instructions on leveling the ice maker. When then machine’s feet aren’t leveled or locked, it can be noisy during operation.
  • Normal sounds are amplified – The owner’s manual documents normal sounds that take place during operation, including rattles and pulsating noises. Hard surfaces like the walls or floor can amplify the sound.

Partially Formed or White Cubes

If you notice partially formed ice or cubes with white at the bottom, this likely means there isn’t enough water in the trough. Check for the following causes:

  • Low water supply pressure – See if the water supply pressure is below 15 PSIG.
  • Restricted water filter – Check the water supply to see if the filter is restricted. Make sure to clear any obstructions.
  • Water trough leak – See if there is a leak in the water trough. Have it repaired by an authorized service technician.

Frequent Scale Buildup

If scaling happens inside the machine frequently, the facility’s water might be too hard. The building might need a water-softening device installed in front of the water inlet.

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