Vogt Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Vogt Ice Machine Troubleshooting

Vogt Ice Machine Troubleshooting Vogt makes high-capacity, industrial-level ice machines that can produce large quantities of ice in a single day. If something goes wrong, you need to get your machine back up and running so business can continue to run smoothly. The troubleshooting tips below let you see what might be the issue and cause. That way you can properly inform an authorized service technician of the issue.

Vogt Ice Machine Troubleshooting Solutions

This troubleshooting guide will cover all Vogt VT Series models.

Machine Fault Light

If the Fault Indicator Light is illuminated, the machine has shut off due to a high pressure fault, a low pressure fault, a long harvest cycle fault or an oil pressure fault. The machine will not restart automatically in these instances.

You can determine the cause of the Fault Indicator Light being illuminated based on the number of flashes it produces. Below is a list that breaks down each meaning:

  • 1 Flash – Low Suction Pressure
  • 2 Flashes – High Discharge Pressure
  • 3 Flashes – Low Oil Pressure
  • 4 Flashes – Long Harvest Cycle
  • 5 Flashes – Chopper Motor Fault
  • 6 Flashes – Pumpdown Failure
  • Solid Light – Power Failure

Machine Inoperative

Make sure to contact an authorized service technician if your Vogt ice machine isn’t working. If the machine is inoperative, here are some common reasons why:

  • No Electrical Power
  • High Pressure Safety
  • Low Pressure Safety
  • Compressor Motor Overload Protector
  • Bin Control Open
  • Compressor Contactor Defective
  • Oil Failure Switch
  • Chopper Failure

Machine Freeze Up

When ice production appears to have stopped or isn’t operating correctly, you may be experiencing a freeze up. These are some situations that may cause your Vogt ice machine to freeze up:

  • The harvest hold switch is set improperly
  • Improper fan control setting
  • Low head pressure is limiting available gas for defrost
  • Dirty, dented or scratched evaporator surface
  • The chopper motor or motor contractor is defective
  • Interruption of electric service
  • Off on low pressure and reset without clearing tubes
  • Low pressure safety switch has been improperly adjusted, causing termination prior to harvest.
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Hot gas solenoid valve is defective
  • TXV isn’t adjusted properly or functioning correctly, and ice is freezing too far up the tube.

It’s important to stay educated on your commercial kitchen equipment, so you know what to explain to your trusted service technician. That’s where Parts Town can help. For more simple tips, check out our troubleshooting guides for further assistance.

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