Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes Experience has shown that you can rectify most faults which occur in daily operation yourself. This ensures that the appliance is quickly available to you again. In the following overview you can find possible causes of malfunctions and helpful information for rectifying them.

Bosch Dishwasher Error Code Solutions

FaultReasonRemedial action
E07Intake opening (on right inside of appliance) covered by utensils.Arrange utensils so that the intake opening is not obstructed.
E12Heating element calcified or soiled.Clean appliance with dishwasher cleaning agent or descaler. Operate the dishwasher with water softening system and check the setting.
E22Filters are soiled or blocked.Clean filters.
E25Waste water pump blocked or cover on the waste water pump is not locked in position.Clean pump and lock cover correctly.
E27Mains voltage too low.Not an appliance fault, have the mains voltage and electrical installation checked.


A technical fault has probably occurred.Switch off appliances with the ON/OFF switch (. After a short time restart the appliance. If the problem recurs, turn off the tap and pull out the mains plug. Call customer service and mention the error code.
E14Water protection system activated.Turn off water supply. Call customer service and quote the fault code.
E15Constant water supply.Turn off water supply. Call customer service and quote the fault code.
E16Filters are soiled or blocked.Clean filters.
E24Waste-water hose kinked or blocked.Install hose without kinks, remove any residue.
Siphon connection still sealed.Check connection to siphon and open if required.
Cover on the waste water pump loose.Lock cover correctly.
E18Supply hose kinked.Install supply hose without kinks.
Water supply turned off.Turn on water supply.
Water supply jammed or calcified.Turn on water supply. Flow rate must be at least 10 l/min. when water supply is open.
Filter in the water supply blocked.Switch off the appliance and pull out the mains plug. Turn off water supply. Unscrew water connection. Clean filter in the supply hose. Screw water connection on again. Check for leaks. Reconnect power supply. Switch on the appliance

Bosch Late SMS Series Dishwashers Error Codes:

Error CodesMeaning
E06Door switch fault
E07Dryer fan fault
E08Heat Pump detects water level too low in tub
E09Heating circuit fault
E10Heat pump scaled up
E11NTC fault
E12Not used
E13Hot water inlet temperature too high
E14Reed switch flow sensor fault
E15Water in base
E16Inlet valve fault
E17Water level to high check flow sensor
E18Water level too low check valve
E19Not used
E20Winding resistance of circulating pump fault
E21Circulating pump blockage
E22Not used
E23Winding resitance of drain pump fault
E24Drain filters blocked
E25Drain pump blocked, pump cover missing
E26Water switch fault
E27Not used
E28Turbidity sensor fault
E01/E02/E03/E04/E05All refer the Power Module fault
Bosch Dishwasher Control Panel Symbols Meaning


Fault, what to do?

Fault: Home network is not loading.

Reason: WLAN is not active on the router.

Remedial action: Check the wireless network connection of your router.

Fault: WLAN display flashes.

Reason: Connection to the home network is not available.

Remedial action: Activate the wireless network on your router.

Fault: Home Connect cannot be implemented correctly.

Reason: Possible setting errors or a technical fault.

Remedial action: Observe the supplied documents and support information for Home Connect.

Fault: Energy manager does not connect to the energy manager of the home system.

Reason: Connection to the energy manager of the home system is not available.

Remedial action: Refer to the instructions for use from the energy manager manufacturer for your home system.

Fault: Refill indicator for salt and/or rinse aid is lit.


  1. No rinse aid.
  2. No salt.
  3. Sensor does not detect salt tablets.

Remedial action:

  1. Refill rinse aid.
  2. Refill with special salt.
  3. Use different special salt.

Fault: Refill indicator for salt and/or rinse aid is not lit.


  1. Refill indicator switched off.
  2. There is still enough special salt/rinse aid available.

Remedial action:

  1. Activation/deactivation (see chapter “Water softening system/Special salt”
  2. Check refill indicator, levels.

Fault: Water is left in the appliance at the end of the programme.


  1. Filter system or area under the filters is blocked.
  2. Programme has not yet finished.

Remedial action:

  1. Clean filters and area underneath.
  2. Wait until programme ends or reset.

Fault: Utensils not dry.


  1. Not enough rinse aid in the dispenser, or none at all.
  2. Programme without drying was selected.
  3. Water collecting in depressions on the utensils and cutlery.
  4. The combined detergent used has a poor drying performance.
  5. ExtraDry to increase drying not activated.
  6. Utensils were removed too early or drying process had not ended yet.
  7. The eco rinse aid used has a limited drying performance.

Remedial action:

  1. Refill rinse aid.
  2. Select programme with drying. ~ “Overview of programmes”
  3. Arrange utensils in a sloping position, arrange affected utensils as sloping as possible.
  4. Use different combination detergent with better drying performance. Use of rinse aid also improves the drying performance.
  5. Activate ExtraDry. ~ “extraDry”
  6. Wait until the programme ends, or wait until 30 minutes after the end of the programme before removing the utensils.
  7. Use a proprietary rinse aid. Eco products may have limited effectiveness.

Fault: Plastic utensils not dry.

Reason: Special properties of plastic.

Remedial action: Plastic has a lower heat storage capacity and therefore dries less well.

Fault: Cutlery not dry


  1. Cutlery not arranged properly in the cutlery basket.
  2. Cutlery not arranged properly in the cutlery drawer.

Remedial action:

  1. Separate cutlery if possible, prevent contact points.
  2. Arrange cutlery properly and separate if possible.

Fault: Appliance interior wet after wash cycle.

Reason: No appliance fault.

Remedial action: On account of the “Condensation drying” principle, water droplets are physically induced and required in the container. The humidity in the air condenses on the inner walls of the dishwasher, drains and is pumped out.

Fault: Food remnants on the utensils.


  1. Utensils placed too closely together, utensils basket overfilled.
  2. Spray arm rotation obstructed.
  3. Spray arm nozzles are blocked.
  4. Filters dirty.
  5. Filters inserted incorrectly and/or not engaged.
  6. Wash programme too weak.
  7. Utensils precleaned too intensely; sensors therefore decide on weak programme sequence. Stubborn soiling cannot be completely removed.
  8. Tall narrow receptacles in corner areas are not rinsed adequately.
  9. Top basket on right and left not set to same height.

Remedial action:

  1. Arrange utensils with adequate clearance between them ensuring that the spray jets can reach the surface of the utensils. Prevent contact points.
  2. Arrange utensils so that the spray arm can rotate without obstruction.
  3. Clean the spray arm nozzles. ~ “Cleaning and maintenance”
  4. Clean filters. ~ “Cleaning and maintenance”
  5. Insert and engage filters correctly.
  6. Select a more intensive wash programme. Increase sensitivity of the sensors. ~ “Sensor setting”
  7. Do not prerinse utensils. Remove only large food remnants. Increase sensitivity of the sensors. ~ “Sensor setting” Recommended programme Eco 50° or Intensive.
  8. Do not place hollow receptacles too obliquely and do not place in the corner area.
  9. Set top basket to same height using side levers.

Bosch Dishwasher Clean Filter

The filters keep large foreign objects in the rinsing water away from the pump. hese foreign objects may occasionally block the filters.

Bosch Dishwasher Clean Filter

The filter system consists of,

  • a coarse filter
  • a flat fine filter
  • a microfilter
  1. After each washing cycle check the filters for residue.
  2. Unscrew filter cylinder as illustrated and take out filter system.
  3. Remove any residue and clean filters under running water.
  4. Re-install filter system in reverse sequence and ensure that the arrow marks are opposite each other after closing the filter system.

Bosch Dishwasher Clean Waste Water Pump

Large food remnants or foreign objects which were not captured by the filters may block the waste water pump. The rinsing water will then be above the filter.

Bosch Waste Water Pump

Clean the waste water pump as follows:

  1. Disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply.
  2. Take out top basket and bottom basket.
  3. Remove the filters.
  4. Scoop out water, use a sponge if required.
  5. Prise off the pump cover (as shown) using a spoon. Grip the pump cover by the crosspiece and lift diagonally inwards. Remove cover completely.

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