Gaggenau Dishwasher Error Codes
Gaggenau Dishwasher Error Codes

Gaggenau Dishwasher Error Codes

Gaggenau Dishwasher Error Codes Few people know that it is not always necessary to call a specialist, because malfunctions can be of a different nature and sometimes even suitable for self-repair. We are not talking about serious malfunctions, but anyone can offset the consequences of a blockage or replace a hose without outside help. The problem lies in the diagnostic capabilities of the average person who cannot determine the type of malfunction, so the manufacturer has added such a useful feature as the printout of error codes. Equipped with a special table and receiving information from the display of the Gaggenau dishwasher, you can easily understand what kind of problem is with the unit.

Gaggenau Dishwasher Error Code Solutions

error codereasonsChecking and Troubleshooting
E1Heating error1. Most often, this is a heating element malfunction – there is no resistance or leakage in the case.
2. The element in the electronic module responsible for the operation of the heating element is faulty.
3. Check the safety thermostat.
4. Check the flow sensor.
5. Check the pressure switch (water level sensor).
E2NTC sensor error (temperature sensor)1. The NTC sensor providing information to the PM control unit is faulty. As a rule, it is located in a block with a heating element, has a certain resistance (˜55kΩ at 21°C).
E3Water filling problemsIf the desired water level has not been reached within a certain time. Depending on the model of the dishwasher (PM), the sequence of actions will be different. Either the PM will wait until the filling is complete (earlier models) or the water will drain for one minute (later models).
1. Defective Aquastop hose.
2. Defective water discharge pump.
3. Check the inlet valve.
4. Clogged inlet filter.
5. The pressure switch is faulty.
and 4Issues with the flow switchWater flow switch is not in position. It is responsible for distributing water to the sprinklers and is mounted under the heating element.
1. Plugged switch.
2. Malfunction of the motor acting on the flow switch and adjusting it to one position or another.
E5Exceeding the fill level1. Pressure switch tube clogged.
2. Defective pressure switch (water level switch).
3. Defective inlet valve.
E6Aquasensor errorAquasensor is an element that controls turbidity, hardness and water pollution at the first stage during rinsing. If the dishes are not very dirty, it eliminates rinsing and saves water and energy. It is located next to TEN.
E8Low water level in sumpHeating element does not turn on. There is not enough water pressure in the circulation pump and a pulse is sent to the module. Check the water pressure. Suspension is also possible.
E9Heating element errorMost often it happens in dishwashers with a flow heater built into the circulation pump, when the heating element breaks. Check the heating element for a break.
E11PMM works without heaterCheck NTC sensor, electronics module, power cables.
E14Flow sensor errorThe flow sensor does not detect control pulses as they are sent to the circulation pump.
E15Aquastop workedA water leak has occurred. Check the water in the pot. The reasons for the leak can vary.
E16Unauthorized collection of waterCheck inlet valve (flow sensor). Check the pressure switch (level sensor). One option is increased foaming.
E17Water filling errorCheck flow sensor. It is also possible that the inlet pressure is too high.
E18Do not turn off the power. The program will end after the water is drained.
E21Drain pump problemsDrain pump is clogged. Check the pump impeller for foreign body. If there is no clogging, the pump is probably worn and can sometimes jam during rotation – it needs to be replaced.
E24Water drain errorDirty water drain hose is stuck or broken.
E27Low voltage in the networkCheck the voltage at the socket. The error is more common during peak hours on city power grids, for example in the evening. Alternatively, install a voltage stabilizer.

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