How to Drain a Hobart Dishwasher

How to Drain a Hobart Dishwasher From plates and platters to flatware and barware, Hobart dishwashers make warewashing simple and convenient. Like any commercial unit, water might back up and not drain properly on a rare occasion. So what do you do? Below are some quick tips for draining a Hobart dishwasher.

How to Drain a Hobart Dishwasher Solutions

This guide is relevant for popular AM, CLe, C-Line, LXe and LXi series models. Before you begin checking the unit and draining, make sure to turn the machine off. Switch the dishwasher off and either unplug the power cord or disconnect the power supply.

Possible Issues & Solutions

  • Restricted drain pipes and lines – Look for clogs, kinks and other obstruction in and around the drain pipes and lines. Remove the blockages and kinks accordingly with the machine off. Once corrected, turn the machine back on. Draining should start up. If no draining occurs, contact an authorized technician to assist you.
  • Dirty or blocked wash/rinse arms – Whenever the wash arms are dirty or blocked, it can cause water to back up. Remove the blockage and clean the unit following the instructions in the operation’s manual. Upon restart during the cleaning process, it should begin to drain.
  • Clogged strainers – If the strainers are clogged, remove the obstruction and clean the surrounding area. Follow the cleaning procedure in the operation’s manual.

Drain Error Codes, Troubleshooting & Manuals

Hobart units display diagnostic codes to help users and technicians identify potential issues with the machine. Below are common drainage codes listed by model. For a complete list and breakdown, consult our Hobart dishwasher error code guide.

  • LXi & AM drain codes – E0, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, E7
  • LXe drain codes – DRAIN ERROR
  • CLe drain codes – “Check Water Level,” “Water Change Req’d”

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