Dryer Brands Error Codes List
Dryer Brands Error Codes List

Dryer Brands Error Codes List

Dryer Brands Error Codes List The quality of European appliances has long been a myth, and dryers are no exception. You no longer need to hang the washed items around the house, the device will quickly bring them to the desired condition. Over time, even the components of a reliable unit wear out and need to be replaced, so it is difficult to avoid repairs during the operation of the equipment. There are also minor malfunctions that are easily eliminated by the owner of the device, but it is quite difficult for an ignorant layman to detect a malfunction.

Dryer Error Codes List

We have listed below the Fault and Error Codes of Popular General Brands:

Most of its modern machines are equipped with the function of displaying an error code in case of operational malfunctions. The user who knows and understands the definition of the error code the machine gives is usually able to make minor repairs and solve the problem without resorting to the assistance of after-sales services. For your convenience, we provide a list of error codes with a description of each specific code for their machine. The table also contains a description of the error, the causes of its occurrence and ways to eliminate it.

If your dryer is not working due to one of these faults, try unplugging your device to disconnect the power supply and refer to the dryer troubleshooting section in your owner’s manual for tips on how to repair your machine.

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