Miele Dryer Error Codes
Miele Dryer Error Codes

Miele Dryer Error Codes

Miele Dryer Error Codes Dryer codes can be tricky sometimes; you know something’s wrong but the code itself doesn’t tell you what’s causing the problem. Our guide to Miele dryer error codes will cut the guesswork by providing answers to some of the most common codes.

Miele Dryer Error Code Solutions

What Do Miele Dryer Error Codes Mean?

Searching for your dryer manual or looking codes up online can be time-consuming. Our common Miele tumble dryer fault codes saves valuable troubleshooting time so you can crack the code and solve the problem. But first we’ll review what exactly error codes are and the purpose they serve.

What Are Miele Dryer Fault Codes?

Miele dryer error codes are your dryer’s way of communicating with you when there’s a problem. When something goes wrong these short codes appear on the display screen with each one corresponding to a different problem. The code typically doesn’t leave the display until the problem is resolved.

The purpose of these codes is to save time and energy by pinpointing the malfunction for you. However, just looking up the meaning of these codes can also take a lot of time. Our guide will review some of the most frequently occurring codes so you can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Miele Dryer Error Code F066

What it Means: Miele Dryer Error Code f066 can also appear as 066 or just 66 on the display. Either way, this code is signaling a ventilation issue with the dryer.

How to fix: These are the most common causes and solutions for an f066 Miele dryer code:

  1. Cause: Limited ventilation due to a small laundry spaceSolution: Open the door or window to the laundry room to increase airflow
  1. Cause: Dryer ventilation grille is obstructedSolution: Remove any objects away from the grille
  1. Cause: Lint filter is clogged or lint is blocking heat exchangerSolution: Clean in and around the lint filter and clean the heat exchanger (refer to your user manual for specifics)
  1. Cause: Insufficient spin cycle has left clothes dampSolution: Remove laundry from the dryer and place back in the washer. Select a second spin cycle, spinning laundry again. Place laundry back in the dryer and start a new drying cycle.
  1. Cause: Dryer drum is overloadedSolution: Remove some clothing and restart the drying cycle

Miele Dryer Fault Code F55

What it Means: Code F55 signals that the laundry isn’t dry even after the maximum drying time of 180 minutes.

How to Fix:

  1. Cause: Overloaded dryer drumSolution: Remove some clothing and dry the smaller load again. Refer to your Miele user manual to follow maximum load guidelines for each dryer setting
  2. Cause: Laundry was too damp at start of drying cycleSolution: Use a higher spin speed in your wash cycle so clothes are less damp when entering the dryer

Miele Dryer F50 Error Code

What it Means: This is one of those Miele dryer error codes that appear only when you open the dryer door. This typically indicates a computer glitch or failure.

How to Fix: Error Code F50 can be resolved by turning the dryer off, waiting a few seconds, and turning it back on again. If the code remains, we recommend consulting a professional service.

Technical Fault

When this code is displayed there is often no specific cause. We suggest turning the dryer off and on again to resolve the code. If the code remains, cleaning the lint filter and/or heat exchanger and filter can also resolve the problem. If neither of these solutions is effective we recommend a professional service.

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