Teka Dryer Error Codes
Teka Dryer Error Codes

Teka Dryer Error Codes

Teka Dryer Error Codes it may show a code on the display. Each code indicates a different issue with your appliance and can often be fixed without calling an engineer. Use the tables below to identify the cause of your code and any possible solutions.

Teka Dryer Error Code Solutions

Error codeDescriptionCauses and solution
E01The loading door is not closed.Close the door of the loading shaft hatch. Make sure the locking mechanism and lock are operational.
E02During the allotted time for filling the tank, the water has not reached the required mark.Perhaps the supply valve is closed, low pressure in the water supply system, breakdown of the pump, valve.
E03Waste water is not drained for a long time or at all.It is necessary to inspect the drain system, filters, drain pump, hose. Possible blockage.
E04Excessive water level.Check the water level sensor, electronic controller, supply valves can be opened and blocked.
E05For a long time since the beginning of filling the tank, the level sensor shows a low mark.Perhaps a low pressure in the water supply system or water does not flow at all, the supply valve does not work. There may be a malfunction in the level meter.
E06After the pump starts to discharge the waste water, after a certain time, the level meter does not give an empty tank signal.Check the operation of the drain pump, level sensor. Inspect the drainage system, clogging is possible.
E07Water leaking into the sump detected.The level meter could fail and produce incorrect data. Before diagnosing it, inspect the machine for leaks in the pan.
E08Exceeding permissible power supply parameters.Faults or interference in the power supply.
E11The relay for the sunroof locking mechanism is out of order.Check electronic controller and lock system.
E21The tachogenerator does not transmit a signal about the movement of the drive motor.Need diagnostics of the drive motor and tachogenerator. Replace defective items.
E22The drive motor rotates without a start command.Failure of the electronic controller. Possible imbalance in the drum.
E31The temperature meter has closed.Install a working temperature sensor.
E32In the circuit of the temperature meter, an open connection.Check the element and its circuits. If broken, install a new one.
E42At the end of the wash, the door of the loading shaft hatch is not unlocked.Damage to the electronic controller or parts of the locking system. Checking and replacing serviceable elements.

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