Zanussi Dryer Error Codes
Zanussi Dryer Error Codes

Zanussi Dryer Error Codes

Zanussi Dryer Error Codes Zanussi tumble dryers care for your clothes the way that suits you. Condenser dryers have large drums to dry more in one go. Are easy to load and unload. And offer easy iron programmes to reduce creases and wrinkles.

Zanussi Dryer Error Code Solutions

But even with the most advanced technology glitches do happen. See some Zanussi dryer problems and troubleshooting here.

Your Troubleshooting Guide

Look at a Zanussi tumble dryer troubleshooting guide below:

Zanussi tumble dryer doesn’t start

When your Zanussi tumble dryer has no power, it could be due to the delay start being enabled. This will cause the start/pause button to flash next to a time signal. Or it could be a problem with the power supply, plug socket, or fuses. It’s advisable to get a qualified electrician to safely check any electrical issues for you – including the circuit breaker.

Other causes could be related to the tumble dryer door. If this won’t close properly the start/button will flash and the cycle won’t start. Faulty door hinges and door switches will need to be repaired or replaced.

Child lock and energy-saving function programmes may be enabled – issues with these can also result in the tumble dryer not starting. And a full water tank will also cause starting problems. All of these difficulties can easily be resolved by an experienced engineer.

Zanussi tumble dryer not heating up

If your tumble dryer won’t heat up there could be a number of culprits. If the ambient temperature isn’t correct this can affect the operation – and you may need to relocate the dryer in another room.

The heat pump may be defective and need repairing or replacing. Or the filters, condenser, and heat exchanger may be dirty and need cleaning. Zanussi condenser tumble dryer problems can also point to an excessive load that restricts the heat circulation around the clothing.

Vent hoses need to be clean and unobstructed – any Zanussi condenser dryer problems will be sourced and resolved quickly by an authorised engineer.

LED flashing on the tumble dryer display

Zanussi tumble dryer red lights flashing can indicate a fault with the drive train, motor, motor capacitor, wiring or the printed circuit board –all requiring help from an expert.

Error Code Overview for Your Zanussi Tumble Dryer

Zanussi tumble dryer error codes are used as a diagnostic aid to give you an idea of where to look for the fault – even though you may not have the tools or the skills to fix it yourself. See a range of codes here:

  • E31 – if the conductimetric sensor signal frequency is too high there’s an issue with the electronic board which may activate an alarm
  • E32 – if the conductimetric signal frequency is too low the brushes may be worn or faulty, as could be the wiring, or the electronic board
  • E45 – door closure sensor – issues related to a faulty door interlock, defective wiring, or the electronic board malfunctioning
  • E52 – motor overheating safety cut-out – meaning a possible faulty motor, wiring, or electronic board complications
  • E61 – insufficient heating implies a faulty heater unit, NTC sensor incorrectly calibrated, faulty wiring, or electronic board
  • E64 – heater thermostat not working – the thermostat itself could be faulty, or there could be issues with the circuit board, or faulty wiring
  • E93 – error in appliance configuration – when the EEPROM formation is incorrect this error code will display indicating a faulty circuit board

For a comprehensive guide for your Zanussi model refer to your manufacturer’s handbook.

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