Maytag Microwave Error Codes

Maytag Microwave Error Codes Below, you’ll find explanations for all the error codes your Maytag microwave may display in case of minor or more serious problems. Make sure you refer to the table that fits the model of microwave you’re going to work with (W10123240 or YUMV4084, for instance).

Maytag W10123240 Microwave Error Codes

Display shows message “PF”There has been a power failure. Clear the display
Display shows message “PF id=27”
Display shows message “PF id=30”
Is the display showing a letter followed by a number?Clear the display
Display shows time countdown, but is not operatingIs the Minute Timer in use?

Maytag YUMV4084 Microwave Error Codes

Display shows messagesThere has been a power failure, or the clock time has been turned off.
Is the display showing a letter followed by a number? – Clear the display. If it reappears
Display shows time countdown, but is not operatingIs the Timer in use?

CODE: C-10, C-11, C-12
PROBLEM: Error with Gas/Easy/PH Sensor.

CODE: C-20, C-21, C-22
PROBLEM: Error with Temp Sensor.

CODE: C-70, C-71, C-72
PROBLEM: Error with Steam Sensor.

CODE: C-A0, C-A1, C-A2
PROBLEM: Functional error.

CODE: C-d0, C-d1, C-d2
PROBLEM: Door or Key error.

CODE: C-F0, C-F1, C-F2
PROBLEM: Communication error.

CODE: E-01
PROBLEM: Open Error

CODE: E-02
PROBLEM: Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Microwave)

CODE: E-03
PROBLEM: Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Grill)

CODE: E-04
PROBLEM: Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Convection)

CODE: E-05
PROBLEM: Cooking Time Setting Over Error (Combination)

CODE: E-06
PROBLEM: Swing Heater Error

CODE: E-11
PROBLEM: Open Gas Sensor Error

CODE: E-12
PROBLEM: Short Gas Sensor Error

CODE: E-13
PROBLEM: T1 Max Time Gas Sensor Error

CODE: E-14
PROBLEM: Dry Up / No Load Gas Sensor Error

CODE: E-21
PROBLEM: Open Temp Sensor Error

CODE: E-22
PROBLEM: Short Temp Sensor Error

CODE: E-23
PROBLEM: T1 Max Time Error

CODE: E-24
PROBLEM: Over Temperature Error

CODE: E-25
PROBLEM: Micro Cook Abnormal Temperature Error

CODE: E-26
PROBLEM: Temperature Not Over AD Error

CODE: E-31
PROBLEM: Open Gas Sensor Error

CODE: E-32
PROBLEM: Short Gas Sensor Error

CODE: E-33
PROBLEM: Under Weight Error

CODE: E-34
PROBLEM: Over Weight Error

CODE: E-35
PROBLEM: Invalid Weight Error

CODE: E-36
PROBLEM: Door Open Error

CODE: E-41
PROBLEM: Open Easy/PH Sensor Error

CODE: E-42
PROBLEM: Short Easy/PH Sensor Error

CODE: E-43
PROBLEM: T1 Max Time Easy/PH Sensor Error

CODE: E-44
PROBLEM: Dry Up Easy/PH Sensor Error

CODE: E-45
PROBLEM: Cooling Error

CODE: E-46
PROBLEM: Primary Open Error

CODE: E-47
PROBLEM: Door Open Error

CODE: E-51
PROBLEM: Sense Failure

CODE: E-52

CODE: E-53
PROBLEM: Read/Write Error

CODE: E-54
PROBLEM: Zero Error

CODE: E-61
PROBLEM: Open Humidity Sensor Error

CODE: E-62
PROBLEM: Short Humidity Sensor Error

CODE: E-63
PROBLEM: T1 Max Time Humidity Sensor Error

CODE: E-71
PROBLEM: Steam Sensor Open Error

CODE: E-72
PROBLEM: Steam Sensor Short Error

CODE: E-81
PROBLEM: Communication Open Error

CODE: E-82
PROBLEM: Communication Short Error

CODE: E-83
PROBLEM: Communication Error

PROBLEM: Additional Open Error

PROBLEM: Additional Short Error

PROBLEM: Key Short Error

PROBLEM: Touch Communication Error

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