Electric Wine Cellar Faults & Solutions

Electric Wine Cellar Faults & Solutions Has your wine cellar broken down or is it no longer working optimally? Are you afraid of jeopardizing the preservation of your bottles of wine? Whether it is a service or ageing wine cellar, react by trying to repair it yourself! The first step to successful self-repair is to identify the symptoms of a breakdown. Is your wine cellar not cold enough, is it too noisy, or does it damage all the labels on your bottles?

Electric Wine Cellar Fault & Solution

These signals will help you find the right diagnosis, explaining how to check the elements that may be at fault. Are you stuck in your search? Don’t hesitate to ask our technical team, who will be able to guide you in this troubleshooting. Once the correct diagnosis has been made, put the right spare part in your basket: carbon filter, door seal, fan, power supply card, etc. While you’re waiting for the postman, take the opportunity to look for the right tutorial that will explain how to change the faulty part. No need to panic, right? All that’s left to do is to enjoy a good vintage wine.

Improper Room Temperature

When you have wine cooler problems, the room temperature may be the issue. This type of cooler does not maintain a cool temperature as effectively as the compressor systems do. The ideal room temperature is between 50 and 80 degrees. If the room is hotter, the wine fridge will not work effectively.

The good news with this issue is that the cooler is not broken, and the problem is easy to fix. Turn up the air conditioner or move the cooler into a room with lower temperatures, and the fridge will work properly again.

Defective Fan

A wine cooler uses a fan to move hot air out. If it breaks, gets clogged with debris or disconnects, the fridge will not work correctly. To fix the issue, inspect the fan. If it is not connected, attach the connectors and see if that mends the problem. If there is a build-up of dirt, take a clean, soft cloth and wipe it clean. If neither of those is the issue, the fan may need to be professionally replaced.

Compressor Cooler Issues

Faulty Thermostat

If your wine cooler is not cooling, it may be because of a malfunctioning thermostat. This supplies power to the components that control and adjust the fridge’s temperature, so if it is broken, the interior will get too hot or in some cases, too cold. Unfortunately, a thermostat cannot be fixed. It will have to be replaced for a new one to get your fridge properly working again.

The Fan is Not Working

The condenser fan keeps the coils cool, and if it is not working, the entire system can overheat. If the fan is not turning, see if it is due to debris. If so, you can clean all the dust that is keeping the fan from spinning. If this is not the issue, you will need to replace the fan in order to get your wine cooler up and running again.

Faulty Evaporator

If your wine cooler is not cooling, it may be due to a broken evaporator. This may be a result of ice buildup. This element also has a fan, which may become dirty or blocked. To fix the problem, clean up any debris around the fan or component itself. If the fan is bent or broken, you will need to replace it. If there is ice on the evaporator, it is easy to remedy. Just let the ice melt before plugging the cooler in.

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