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Irons Faults & Solutions

Irons Faults & Solutions A pile of clean laundry is taunting you, and your steam iron or ironing board has just broken down? Give it a chance to live on by trying to repair your appliance yourself! How do you go about it? Start with an observation session to note what is wrong. The steam generator leaks, the iron no longer steams, the ironing machine no longer heats up, etc. These indications will enable you to find the diagnosis that is closest to these symptoms.

Irons Fault & Solution

Then let yourself be guided to check the components concerned: boiler, iron sole plate, solenoid valve, switch, etc. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our team of appliance repair experts. They will do their utmost to help you understand the malfunction of your equipment. Once the faulty part has been identified and ordered, all that remains is to replace it! To do this, you will find in our virtual workshop, the perfect tutorial to perform the repair.

1. Power cord. One of the main breakdowns of the iron can be considered precisely the power cord, which, in fact, is inserted into the outlet. To repair irons, in this case it will be necessary to get to the place where the contacts are connected to the heating element. When there are no visible malfunctions, you will have to use the tester and ring the cord, this will help determine whether it is working or not. If, nevertheless, the power cord became the culprit of the malfunction, you may have to reproach it, or change it to a new one.

2. Temperature controller. This item is second in line. It also needs to be checked using a dialer, which is attached to the contact group. If the temperature regulator is turned in the direction of closing the circuit, the electrical circuit should work. Light bulb not on? You will have to clean the contacts with sandpaper and check again.

3. Thermal fuse. This element of the circuit is able to fail more often than the power cord. Its main purpose is to disconnect the electrical circuit when the temperature of the heating element exceeds the nominal value. With the help of dialing, it is necessary to determine the operability of the fuse. If it caused the failure of the iron, it will become necessary to replace it, or even exclude it from the circuit altogether. As iron repair practice shows, during normal operation of the temperature controller, there is no need for a fuse.

4. Heating element (TEN). Another reason why iron repair is required is a malfunction of the heating element. When the device is turned on, the light is on, while the sole does not heat up to the required temperature, this is the fastest reason. As before, you will need to check the performance of the equipment. The heating element is fixed to the sole, so when the attachment point is one-piece, the fastest recovery is not possible. If, however, the heating element is connected to the sole by means of tips, it is possible to repair the iron. To do this, you will have to clean the contacts. If after that the iron does not heat up further, it is better to buy a new device, since a new part will cost almost the full cost of the device.

5. Steaming system. When the breakdown is that the steamer does not function in the iron, it will be necessary to clean the internal cavities of steam generation. For these purposes, you can use water and vinegar. Another reason for the breakage of the sprinkler can be the steam button, which in most cases has to be changed.

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