Panasonic Microwave Troubleshooting

Panasonic Microwave Troubleshooting If your microwave oven does not work correctly, check the table for the cause of this fault, based on the symptoms. Carrying out the repair of the microwave oven with your own hands, be careful, observe the safety measures. If the problem is difficult, we recommend that you call a specialist.

Panasonic Microwave Troubleshooting Solutions

NN-SA651S, NN-SN686S, NN-SB646S

Oven will not turn on.The oven is not plugged in securely.Remove plug from outlet, wait 10 seconds and re-insert.
Main circuit breaker or main fuse is tripped or blown.Reset main circuit breaker or replace main fuse.
There is a problem with the outlet.Plug another appliance into the outlet to check if it is working.
Oven will not start cooking.The door is not closed completely.Close the oven door securely.
Start Pad was not pressed after programming.Press Start Pad.
Another program is already entered into the oven.Press Stop/Reset Pad to cancel the previous program and enter new program.
The program is not correct.Program again according to the Operating Instructions.
Stop/Reset Pad has been pressed accidentally.Program oven again.
The Glass Tray wobbles.The Glass Tray is not positioned properly on the Roller Ring or there is food under the Roller Ring.Take out Glass Tray and Roller Ring. Wipe with a damp cloth and reset Roller Ring and Glass Tray properly.
When the oven is operating, there is noise coming from the glass tray.The Roller Ring and oven bottom are dirty.Clean these parts according to Care and Cleaning of your Microwave Oven
The word “Child” appears in the Display Window.The CHILD LOCK was activated by pressing Start pad 3 times.Deactivate LOCK by pressing Stop/Reset pad 3 times.
The oven stops cooking and “HOO”, “H97” or “H98” appears in the display window.The oven unit power supply source failed.Please contact an authorised Service Center.

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