Carter-Hoffmann Food Cart Troubleshooting
Carter-Hoffmann Food Cart Troubleshooting

Carter-Hoffmann Food Cart Troubleshooting

Carter-Hoffmann Food Cart Troubleshooting Carter-Hoffmann heated food carts offer a convenient way to transport food items while keeping them warm and ready-to-eat. Perfect for hotels, healthcare and other commercial foodservice settings, these food carts certainly earn their keep. That’s why it’s important to check and have your unit repaired when any signs or issues pop up. Below is a guide on what problems could arise in your Carter-Hoffmann heated food cart so you can troubleshoot it quickly and easily. This guide is applicable for the THL top mount carts and TH15 heater carts.

Carter-Hoffmann Food Cart Troubleshooting Solutions




No power to unit

Light on display isn’t illuminated

Motor isn’t running

Unit not plugged in or circuit breaker tripped

Main switch is damaged

Power cord is damaged

Hi-limit safety was tripped

Plug in unit, check circuit breaker and/oir reset

Have main switch replaced

Have cord replaced

Let unit cool to reset hi-limit, or have replaced

Unit isn’t holding temperature

Door gasket is damaged

Door latch is damaged

Temperature probe is damaged

Door gap is out of alignment

Replace gasket

Have door latch replaced

Have probe replaced

Adjust the strike and door hinging

Unit isn’t heating

Cabinet temperature is above setpoint OR setpoint is too low

Wiring is damaged

Relay is damaged

Controller is damaged

Heating element is damaged

Adjust the thermostat setpoint

OR Check thermostat calibration

Have wiring repaired

Have relay replaced

Have controller replaced

Have inspected and replaced if necessary

Unit is overheating

Setpoint is too high

Thermostat is damaged

Hi-limit control is defective

Blower fan is jammed

Adjust setpoint

Have thermostat replaced

Have hi-limit replaced

Have blower fan inspected

Blower motor isn’t running

Fan motor is damaged

Blower fan is jammed

Have motor replaced

Have blower fan inspected

Relay is “chattering”

Issue with wiring to switch

Have wiring repaired OR have switch replaced

Red malfunction light is lit (for THL models)

Application malfunction

Have unit inspected

For more troubleshooting information, or cleaning and maintenance information, take a look at our collection of Carter-Hoffmann manuals and diagrams for assistance.

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