Appliance Repair Help and Counseling Center
Appliance Repair Help and Counseling Center

Appliance Repair Help and Counseling Center

Appliance Repair Help and Counseling Center DIY Device Parts are here to make repairing your broken device an inexpensive and hassle-free experience. We’ve helped customers across the country find the right DIY appliance repair parts for their faulty machine and deftly guided the installation so they can get repairs done without spending hundreds of dollars. In addition to quality appliance repair parts, we also offer a video chat support service to guide you in finding a do-it-yourself solution to your problem.

Repair All Tools Do It Yourself

Repairs You Should (Probably) Never Try

Fixing a leak on your fridge’s sealed refrigerant system: It’s best to avoid contact with the potentially toxic gases in the circulating refrigerant. Also, making solid connections to copper parts involves brazing (similar to welding).

Replacing the bearings on a front-load washer: They’re usually at the back of the drum, so you have to disassemble the outer cabinet and drum to reach them. That requires keeping track of all the electrical connections as you go so that you can reassemble later.

Tinkering with microwave electronics: A microwave capacitor can hold a high-voltage charge well after it’s unplugged. If you don’t correctly discharge the capacitor before you touch any metal parts or wires, you risk shock or even electrocution.

Working on an appliance under warranty: Do-it-yourself repairs might void the warranty, so read the fine print before you begin.

Appliance Repair Help and Counseling Center There are several scenarios where do-it-yourself repairs can make a lot of sense and save money. If you’re interested in trying to repair a device on your own, here are a few resources we’ve listed above to help you out.

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