How to Change a Lock in a Washing Machine
How to Change a Lock in a Washing Machine

How to Change a Lock in a Washing Machine ?

How to Change a Lock in a Washing Machine ? So, what should you do when you encounter a washing machine door that won’t open? While it can be very tempting to smash the door open and in more serious cases it can get to the point, you should be able to avoid the expense and hassle of replacing your washing machine door. Repair Aid’s expert repair team can help you fix any washing machine breakdown, but if you think you have the knowledge and skills to do the job yourself and know how to stay safe, here are a few suggestions.

Changing the Lock in the Washing Machine

If your washing machine door won’t lock or open, the problem is most likely with the door lock assembly. Other possible causes include problems with the wiring or the main electronic control board or the washer’s door hinge.

The purpose of the locking mechanism

The primary task of the locking mechanism is to lock the handle when washing. At the moment when the selected program is set on the control panel and the “start” button is pressed, a voltage signal is applied to the electronic locking mechanism, and it is locked. In such a closed state, it is until a signal is received from the water level sensor (pressure switch) that there is no water in the machine, and the wash is over. After a short time, the electronic lock will open.

This is done only for safety reasons, you can imagine the situation that the washing machine is washing at a temperature of 90 degrees, at this time a child comes up to it, pulls the door handle, and it opens, the consequences are sad.

Reasons for blocking the locking mechanism

There are several reasons for blocking the locking mechanism, consider the most common:

  • Blocking of the electronic locking mechanism when washing. This blocking refers to natural, it is included in the program of the washing machine (described above);
  • Blocking the electronic locking mechanism after washing – refers to natural and prevents injury due to the high temperature of the drum;
  • The blocking of the electronic locking mechanism during a power outage is also natural and prevents water from flowing out if water remains in the machine during a power outage;
  • Blocking of the electronic locking mechanism of the hatch due to a breakdown – belongs to the category of problematic ones, is divided into the following breakdowns: the handle is not working properly; the electronic locking mechanism has failed; electronics are faulty.

Ways to open a locked door

How to Change a Lock in a Washing Machine ? Now let’s look at several ways in which you can open the locked door yourself.

Method 1

Suitable for machines where the door lock latch (pin) closes outwards. In this case, we need a thin rope, fishing line or just a metal ruler. We wrap a fishing line or rope around the door and press on the latch, the door should open, the same can be done with a metal ruler. We put the ruler under the door from the side of the handle and look for the latch, after finding it, we press on it, and the door will open.

Method 2

Suitable for cars whose door lock closes inward. In this case, we need a thin wire or a thin metal hook. From the side of the handle, we put a wire or a hook under the latch and wrap it around, after which we pull it over ourselves, if it is hooked correctly, then the door will open.

Method 3

Suitable for cars with an internal lock. We unscrew the top cover on the machine with the help of two bolts located at the back, after which we move the cover and put our hand inside, then open the latch.

Replacing the locking mechanism

So, now we come to the main part of the article: replacing the lock on the washing machine door.

Step #1. Finding the reason for blocking. With the help of the reasons listed above, we identify ours and see if this is a natural cause or a breakdown.

Step #2. We disconnect the machine from the mains.

Step #3. We make repair of the locking mechanism.

To remove the electronic lock from the door:

  • you need to open the car door;
  • we find a ring of steel wire that tightly compresses the cuff, now we need to take a thin screwdriver and carefully pick it up; after we have picked up the ring, we take it out;
  • we unscrew the two bolts fastening the locking mechanism, after which we pull the cuff in the area of ​​​​the locking mechanism to the side, put our hand under the cuff and pull it out;
  • disconnect the electricity supply terminal from the locking mechanism;
  • we change the locking mechanism to a similar one or we make repairs, due to the fact that the most common cause of a breakdown of the locking mechanism is the burning of contacts and the failure of the so-called “tablet”, it will be easier to replace the locking mechanism with a new one.

In the same sequence, only in reverse order, we collect all the details.

  • We put the locking mechanism in place and fasten it with two bolts;
  • We install the rubber cuff in the groove;
  • We install the ring on the cuff and tighten it tightly;

We check the performance of our machine and rejoice, replacing the lock on the washing machine was considered using an example, in step-by-step instructions, replacing the lock on the  washing machine is done by analogy.

Replacing the door latch mechanism

Now, after we have learned how to change the locking mechanism, it is worth dwelling in more detail on replacing the handle located on the door, the handle has a direct effect on the locking mechanism, and if the handle breaks, then you can also think about breaking the locking mechanism.

In order to remove the door of the washing machine, you must:

  • Unscrew the bolts securing the door to the car;
  • Remove and lay on the floor for ease of operation;
  • Unscrew all bolts around the perimeter of the door;
  • Disconnect the door flanges; remove the glass with extreme care so as not to break accidentally.

Now we got to the handle, or, in other words, to the door latch mechanism. Now you can safely inspect it, and if necessary, and replace it with a new one. Now we change the door latch mechanism to a new one and install the glass in place.

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