How to Change the Hood Electronic Board ?

How to Change the Hood Electronic Board ? explains how to replace the electronic control board in a hood. The electronic control board manages the components of the hood such as the headlights and fan motors. Have the hood circuit board tested by a local hood repair professional before investing in a new one, as parts other than the electronic control board can cause the same symptoms. If the control board no longer activates the fan motor or lights, replace the electronic control board with a manufacturer approved spare part.

How to Replace a Circuit Control Board

Before you begin

Safety Precautions:

  • Protection gloves to protect hands during maintenance
  • Padded towel to protect the surface where range hood will be placed during maintenance
  • Access to circuit breaker

Items Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Padded towel
  • Circuit control board replacement (replacement parts for all units can be found here)

Warning: Making repairs to home appliances may be hazardous. It is important that all instructions are followed. If you are not confident that you completely understand all the steps and requirements, do not proceed. If you have trouble performing any steps, it is advised that you consult a professional technician. 

Step 1: Disconnect main power source

  • Disconnect electrical power to the unit by turning off its circuit breaker. Simply turning off the unit by on/off switch is not sufficient.

Warning:This step must be completed before continuing. Failure to completely disconnect the power to the unit could cause serious injury.

Step 2: Remove filters and the bottom panel

Both air filters need to be removed from the range hood to access following steps. To remove the filters, pull down on the filter latch tabs with both fingers. Once the latches are released, gently pull the filters straight out.

Once the filters are removed, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the bottom panel to the range hood. After the screws have been removed, gently pull the bottom panel out of the range hood.

  • Press down on latch tabs to detach the filters.
  • Locate and remove screws that secure the bottom of the range hood.
  • Once the screws are removed, gently remove the bottom of the range hood.

Warning: When removing screws of the bottom panel, it is important to secure the bottom panel with your hand to ensure that it won’t fall onto your range. Any severe damage to the bottom panel of the range hood could cause remounting issues.

Step 3: Remove side panels

To remove the side panels, reach behind the side panels and locate the wire harness connectors for the light sockets. Once located, unplug the harness connectors.

  • After the wire harness connectors are detached, pull the side panels inwards to unlock them from their position
  • Unplug the wire harness for the lights.
  • Pull the side panels inward to release.
  • Gently remove the side panel.

Step 4: Remove the range hood from cabinet

Warning: Disconnect the electrical power supply wiring before continuing.

  • Using a screwdriver, loosen the screws on the wire clamp securing the power supply. Once the clamp is removed, the power supply wires can easily slide out when the range hood is removed.
  • Locate middle and corner mounting screws. Loosen each screw a few millimeters.
  • Once the mounting screws are loosened, pull the range hood slightly forward and to release it from keyhole slots.
  • Carefully pull the range hood down and set it upside down on a padded work surface.

Warning: The range hood is heavy. You might need someone’s help to safely pull it down and set it on a padded work surface.

Step 5: Remove the fan blade

Using a screwdriver, remove wire spring clamps securing the fan blade to the motor. After the fan blade clamp is removed, pull the fan blade off the motor.

  • Pry the spring clamps off using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the spring clamps.
  • Pull the fan blade off the motor.

Step 6: Locate and remove the electronic control board

The electronic control board is generally located near the front of the unit. Once the control board is found, remove the mounting screws.

  • Pull the electronic board out of the range hood and disconnect the wire harness.
  • Remove the mounting screws.
  • Pull the control board out and disconnect the wire harness connector.

Step 7: Install new electronic control board

  • Locate wire harness plugs and connect it to the new electronic control board.
  • Carefully insert the new electronic control board into the range hood control panel. Align the control board with the mounting holes and fasten it to the control panel.

Step 8: Reinstall the fan blade

  • Put the fan blade back on the motor and press down. Use the spring clamp to secure it to the motor.
  • Secure the fan blade to the motor using the spring clamp.

Step 9: Remount the range hood

  • Elevate the range hood near its mounting location and pull the power supply wires through the wire clamp.
  • Once the power supply wires are pulled through, slide the range hood onto the mounting screws and tighten them down.

Step 10: Reassemble the range hood

  • Locate side panels of the range hood and slide them back into their frame spot.
  • Once they are in their frame slots, plug the wire harness to the lights back in.
  • Reinsert the bottom panel into its frame spot and secure it with its mounting screws. After the bottom panel is in place, reinstall the air filters.

Step 11: Turn on electrical power

  • Turn on the main circuit breaker to restore power to the range hood.

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