How to Replace Microwave Oven Magnetron ?

How to Replace Microwave Oven Magnetron ? The magnetron is what generates the actual microwave energy in your microwave; therefore, it is one of the most common components that need to be repaired or replaced. If you know how to repair a magnetron in the microwave , you will gain some useful points as you learn other important skills such as how to discharge a microwave capacitor . Have a certified and experienced appliance repair technician examine and replace your magnetron. This task is much too dangerous for the average layman to perform on his own.

Microwave Oven Magnetron Replacement

How to Replace Microwave Oven Magnetron ? When the magnetron must be replaced, here are some Magnetron Replacement Considerations

  1. Be careful not to strike or touch the antenna dome area
  2. Be sure to transfer any add-on parts, such as an air duct or thermal fuse or cutouts
  3. Ensure that the wire mesh RF gasket is intact and in place
  4. Examine the rim of the opening where the magnetron dome is to be inserted into the waveguide. Smooth out any irregularities, such as dents, pits, and burns. The rim surface should be bare metal, smooth to the touch. Use light-grade sandpaper – do not use steel wool.
  5. If there is evidence of poor terminal connections (i.e., discoloured, burned, pitted connectors), repair or replace the slip-on connectors on the filament leads
  6. If possible, perform an RF leakage check around the magnetron
How to replace the magnetron in the microwave?
  • it is necessary to remove the cover of the microwave oven; 
  • after that, you need to discharge the high-voltage capacitor, since a charge of 2000 volts can remain in it; 
  • then the wires are disconnected from the capacitor, as well as from the high voltage transformer; 
  • the mounting screws holding the waveguide and magnetron are unscrewed as accurately as possible; 
  • parts of the magnetron are disconnected until the tip from it completely leaves the waveguide; 
  • to avoid mechanical damage to the magnetron, it is necessary to handle it carefully and carefully, avoid hitting its upper part against other components; 
  • when replacing a new part, it is necessary to correctly place the magnetron gasket; 
  • After completing the installation, it is necessary to make sure using a microwave probe that there is no microwave leakage, which should not exceed 5 mW/cm2. 
  • so that there is no leakage during the repair, the gaps between the magnetron and the waveguide are eliminated, for which mounting screws are installed.
A few useful tips that will help you avoid such a procedure as microwave repair
In order to extend the life of the magnetron in a microwave oven so that repairs are not required to replace it, it is necessary to follow simple and understandable rules and recommendations. 
  1. If, when you turn on the microwave oven, something cracks and sparks in it, you must immediately turn it off and contact the service center, where the diagnostics and subsequent repair of the microwave will be performed.
  2. It is necessary to constantly pay attention to the condition of the mica plate, which is necessary to protect the output of the waveguide into the chamber from the ingress of fat or pieces of food. When the cap is in a faulty condition, the mica plate can burn through, resulting in the failure of the magnetron. Mica must be constantly clean, since the fat that gets on it begins to char under the influence of high temperature, while acquiring electrical conductivity. Due to the interaction with radiation, sparks appear in the chamber. 
  3. To avoid repairing microwave ovens with unstable mains voltage, it is better to connect them through a stabilizer, since even small drops have a bad effect on the operation of the device. Namely, the power drops, accelerating the wear of the magnetron cathode, which will subsequently need to be replaced.     

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