How to Replace Microwave Oven Turntable Motor
How to Replace Microwave Oven Turntable Motor

How to Replace Microwave Oven Turntable Motor ?

How to Replace Microwave Oven Turntable Motor ? After setting the soup bowl or the left-over chicken breast on the microwave oven’s glass turntable to heat up a quick lunch, you’re dismayed to discover the turntable isn’t turning when you press start. The microwave appears to be functioning otherwise, so why isn’t that glass plate rotating? In this article, we’ll address how the turntable operates, the top reasons for why it’s not working, and how you can fix the problem yourself.

Microwave Oven Turntable Motor Replacement

If the turntable won’t turn, these are the five most likely causes:

  1. Defective turntable motor – If you suspect the turntable motor may be defective, you can use a multimeter to test the motor for electrical continuity – a continuous electrical path present in the component. If the motor tests negative for continuity, it will need to be replaced.
  2. Stripped drive coupling – If the coupling is stripped or broken, it may not be able to engage with the motor shaft or the tabs on the tray. Most couplings are easily removed, allowing you to inspect it for damage.
  3. Damaged support ring – The rollers on the support ring may become damaged or jam due to food residue collecting on the cavity floor, preventing the ring from rotating. This part is easy to inspect and replace.
  4. Malfunctioning touchpad & control panel – If the turntable is operated by a dedicated on/off button (as opposed to continually rotating every time the appliance is heating), the button could be malfunctioning. In this case, you will probably need to replace the entire touchpad and control panel to solve the problem.
  5. Faulty main control board – Although it’s not a common cause, the main control board in the microwave could be faulty. You should first confirm the turntable motor is not receiving power and the other components are intact before considering replacing the control board.

Switch Off Your Appliance

Safety First! Please make sure that you have switched your appliance off at the mains before starting your repair.

Turn The Microwave On To Its Top

In order to find out what the problem is, the first thing to do is to remove the turntable and the roller from inside the microwave, and then put the microwave onto its cabinet top on a soft surface in order to access the motor from underneath.

Release The Access Panel

You will now see the access panel for the turntable motor, on this model it has been previously removed and then re-attached back into place via this screw, on your model it may well be that the access panel is attached to the bottom panel at various points.

What you may need to do is grab a pair of side cutters and snip through the metal releasing the access panel. To get to the turntable motor on this occasion you just need to undo the screw to remove the panel.

Lift Out The Drive Motor & Coupling

With the panel removed you now have access to the drive motor usually located behind the back panel on your microwave. Proceed to release it by undoing the screws either side and carefully lift the motor out with the drive coupling as well, (it’s a good idea when undoing these screws to have a magnetized screwdriver – as it’s very easy to lose the screws inside the cabinet).

Determine If The Fault Is With The Motor Or The Drive Coupling

On the turntable motor for this model you can see that the drive coupling is inside, but on some models the drive coupling may well be accessed internally. Check the drive coupling to make sure that it can turn freely on the turntable motor, and that it doesn’t have any cracks or fractures. If all seems ok then the issue is likely to be with the turntable motor.

Replacing The Turntable Motor

To replace the old motor you need to disconnect the electrical connectors, (you may have to get your fingernail into the connector to release them) and when they’re disconnected make sure they don’t fall back into the cabinet.

You can now proceed to transfer the electrical connectors to your new motor – follow this by fitting the drive coupling, and then carefully place it inside the microwave. You can then reattach the turntable motor with the screws (taking care not to lose the screws inside the cabinet).

Attach The Access Cover

With the turntable motor in place you can refit the access cover. This simply hooks into place on one side and then has a small screw to hold it in place on the other side. If you don’t have a small screw to hand you may be able to use one of the cabinet screws on the microwave itself.

Well done to you for finding and resolving the issue with your turntable motor! You can now get back to being able to make quick and tasty meals in your microwave again, in the knowledge that you have fixed the turntable motor all by yourself.

Fancy Knowing A Quick Microwave Cleaning Tip?

Take a microwavable jug or bowl containing 300ml of water, squeeze in half a lemon and pop the whole thing in the microwave for 5 minutes on full power. Once that is done wipe away the condensation with a soft cloth and you will be left with a clean and fresh smelling microwave.


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