How To Replace The Door Seal on a Washing Machine ?

How To Replace The Door Seal on a Washing Machine ? It can be annoying when you have a leaky washing machine door gasket, but replacing one can be an easy task most homeowners can do. We’re here to help with how to replace a washing machine door gasket in this guide. This can be annoying when you have a leaky washing machine door gasket. You may find that your clothes are wet from leaks or that you need to clean up a mess when water spills on the floor. Of course, there is also the potential for mold and mildew where there are puddles. Fortunately, it’s not terribly expensive, which makes it even more appealing if you’re on a tight budget. If this sounds like something you’re dealing with, don’t worry!

Washing Machine Door Gasket Replacement

How To Replace The Door Seal on a Washing Machine ? Replace the gasket to prevent problems, and regularly clean the inside and let it thoroughly dry to alleviate mold issues. With some common household tools, a new front-load washer door gasket, boot or bellows, you can replace your old leaky gasket in little under a hour.

1.Unplug the front-load washer from the electrical socket.

2. Move the washer away from the wall to make it easier to access. Tilt it back against the wall to allow more space to work. Set a block between the washer and the wall or crumple up a towel in its place to protect the wall from damage.

  1. Locate the screws for the items requiring removal following the instructions in your owner’s manual. If you do not need to do this to remove the boot, skip this step. Detach the top, door, control panel and the kick plate from the washer, if needed, to access connections and to remove the detergent feed tube. Set the screws in a can so you do not lose them. Use the appropriate tool to remove the screws: Phillips screwdriver, Allen or Torx wrench or a 1/4-inch nut driver. Do not detach the control panel from the machine, simply set it aside, leaving the control connections intact.

  2. Remove the glue that keeps the boot adhered to the lip of the opening. Gently run your finger beneath the boot until you reach a glued spot. Slice through the glue with the utility razor. Repeat the process around the border of the opening.

  3. Locate the water-inlet tube, typically found in the upper left-hand corner inside the front panel. Detach it from the boot. Twist open the ends of the wire clamp counterclockwise that holds the tube in place. Use the flattened piece of 3/8-inch copper tubing or the pliers to twist it open. If using the copper tubing, slip the opening over the ends of the wire clamp and twist counterclockwise. Pull the water inlet duct from the boot after removing the clamp.

  4. Unseat the door boot from the washer. Grasp the lower portion of the boot firmly. Roll, then push the lower edge inward over the lip of the front panel until you see the silver retaining ring or band that holds the boot in the channel. Pry the retaining ring out gently with the edge of a flat-tipped screwdriver until you can grip it with the needle-nose pliers. Pull at it gently, as you do not want to bend it when you remove it. Repeat this all the way around the circular opening until the gasket is removed in the front. Set the retaining ring aside, as you will need it for the installation of the new gasket. Push the gasket into the washer tub so you can access the inner portion beneath the boot

  5. Detach the inner side of the boot from the channel in the opening before the washer drum. Remove the holding screws, depending on the washer model, to remove the inner portion of the door gasket. Look for a tab that sticks up to pull down gently on the boot to continue extricating it from the channel, if your model is equipped with one. Pull the gasket away enough so that you can get at the retaining ring insert. Repeat the previous step for removing the retaining ring. If doesn’t have an ring, gently pull the gasket from the inner channel. Set the retaining ring aside, as you will reuse it also.

  6. Clean both inner and outer channels in which the boot and ring sit. Remove lint and laundry debris with a clean rag and warm water. If you have a wet-dry vacuum, use that to suck out the dirt, if wet, otherwise use the crevice and hose attachment on a standard vacuum to clean the channels.

  7. Lubricate the part of the boot that inserts into the front and back channels with your finger dipped in liquid laundry detergent. This makes inserting the new boot easier.

  8. Align the boot to install it. Some boots have a small tab that inserts into a slot on the machine for alignment, depending on the model, while others may have an arrow. Insert the inner portion of the boot in opposite order of removal. Start at the bottom of the washer, working your way around the circle opening on both sides to the top. Use an ice cream stick to gently insert the groove into the channel. Insert the retaining ring to hold the gasket in place. Repeat this for the outer channel, inserting the circular piece of steel after the gasket.

  9. Reinstall the other components in reverse of removal. Set the washer back down on the floor, scooch it back into place and plug it in.

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