How To Replace The Washing Machine Drain Pump ?

How To Replace The Washing Machine Drain Pump ? A washing machine needs to drain regularly. With every load, it fills with water and drains at least twice, to wash and to rinse. Many wash cycles take several fills for various wash and rinse phases. So if your washer has stopped draining or started flooding, you’re looking for an answer fast. Start by checking the drain hose for kinks and clogs. From there, the problem might be the washer’s drain pump. The drain pump is located underneath the washer and handles draining the tub between cycles.

Washing Machine Drain Pump Replacement

The purpose of the drain pump is to pump the water from the wash through the drain hose and then drain it. The drain pump is located at the bottom of your washing machine, but is easily accessible for replacing when needed. If your washing machine is not draining during a wash cycle, you may have a problem with the drain pump.

Signs of a broken SMA pump

You can understand that the drain pump is faulty by several signs:

  • Modern devices have a control module, it will notify the owner of a malfunction with an error code on the display. For different models of machines, manufacturers include different codes, more details can be found in the instructions for the device.
  • The water is in the drum and does not drain. The wash cycle can be completed or forced to stop.
  • The machine washes, but makes a strong hum and noise. It is possible that the pump is trying to start, but cannot, and this provokes extraneous noises.
  • Washing stops without completing completely. A pump malfunction is indicated by water in the drum.

Breakage is caused by various factors. Replacing the drain pump of the washing machine may be necessary due to wear of the part after prolonged use. The most common cause of failure is a clogged filter and pipe. The load on the part increases, it breaks. You can break the spare part with household negligence. If small hard objects get into the drum along with the clothes, they also increase the risk of breakage.

Instructions for replacing the pump in steps

How To Replace The Washing Machine Drain Pump ? In most cases, repairs are not possible. A faulty pump is simply replaced with a new one. Depending on the device configuration, you need:

  1. Unplug the car. While the device is powered by the mains, it is dangerous to manipulate it.
  2. Remove water and laundry from the drum. This is also a security measure and the body will be lighter.
  3. Open case. For different models, the outer cover is held on top or behind. You need to find the fixing bolts and unscrew them.
  4. Find the pump under the drum. It is connected to the drain hoses and the control part with cables, hoses.
  5. Remove the snail and pump from the housing. The procedure is carried out carefully, the elements are quite fragile.
  6. Disconnect tubes, terminals, wires. It is recommended to take a picture of their location in advance so as not to be confused when connecting.
  7. Connect new part. All elements must be fixed in their original places.
  8. Before closing the case, it is better to run a short empty wash program. This is necessary to check the performance of the new pump.

The location of the pump is different in machines with vertical and horizontal loading. The standard location of the part is at the bottom of the drum. The pumps are equipped with terminals and cables through which their design is powered by electricity.

Do-it-yourself replacement of a washing machine pump does not require special skills, but there are a number of difficulties during repairs. It is important to select a replacement spare part of a similar size, better, from the same manufacturer. If you have no idea about the rules for repairing and replacing the pump, it is better to contact a professional workshop. High-quality repairs will help to avoid even bigger malfunctions, for which you will have to pay more.

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