How To Replace The Washing Machine Drum
How To Replace The Washing Machine Drum

How To Replace The Washing Machine Drum ?

How To Replace The Washing Machine Drum ? Drum breakage is rare. It occurs due to prolonged operation, bearing wear or factory defects. If this has happened to your machine, you need to understand what is better: replace the drum in the washing machine or buy new appliances. In the article, we will analyze ways to replace defective parts on our own, and also consider how much new ones cost.

Washing Machine Drum Replacement

What is needed for repair?

Have you decided to change? Is the solution clear? Be patient and prepare everything you need in advance: materials and tools.

Buy a drum and tank that matches the make and model of the CMA. Assembled kits already have bearings, bushings and a cross. You don’t have to worry about this. A more difficult question is tools. To replace a part you will need:

  • Screwdrivers: cross and flat;
  • Nippers;
  • Passats;
  • Keys for 8, 9, 19;
  • Small wrench.

Almost all tools can be found at home.

Have you prepared everything you need? Feel free to get to work and ask for help from loved ones. Their assistance will be required at all stages of work: in the process of dismantling the old part and installing a new kit.

How to change the drum yourself in a washing machine?

Having prepared everything you need, get to work. It will require some skill.

Main stages of work:

  1. Dismantling the broken part.
  2. Installing a new kit.


How To Replace The Washing Machine Drum ? The structure of the tank for machines is different. The dismantling process is the same. To quickly remove the tank and not damage other parts, follow the instructions:

  • Remove the CMA locking pulley by unscrewing the mounting bolt counterclockwise. Unscrewing the latter is very difficult. Any difficulties? Heat up the element a little with a gas burner. The metal will expand a little, and the bolt will easily turn in the right direction. Use the burner with extreme caution. Don’t forget about safety.
  • Remove the spun pulley by pulling it towards you and swinging it from side to side.
  • Knock the shaft out of the machine bearing with a block of wood.
  • Unscrew the bolts along the borders of the tank.
  • Check for additional elements connecting the halves of the part to each other.
  • Remove the broken item.
  • Installation
  • Install the pulley. With the help of a partner, take a new kit and install it on the washer body. Do this through the top of the case.
  • Put the drive belt on the pulley.
  • Install the heating element in its original place and connect the wiring to it.
  • Reinstall drain hoses.
  • Install the sunroof connectors.
  • Establish a cuff of the hatch and tighten its collar.
  • Set up a counterweight.
  • Replace the top cover of the machine.

The work is finished!

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