How to Reset Air Conditioner
How to Reset Air Conditioner

How to Reset Air Conditioner ?

How to Reset Air Conditioner ? Like any modern high-tech device, consisting of a large number of functional blocks and assemblies, air conditioners and household split systems are subject to various kinds of breakdowns.

Air Conditioner Reset Factory Settings

However, before dialing the number of the service center and calling a qualified technician, we advise you to carry out a preliminary diagnosis of the device. It is not so difficult to conduct it, but it will save money paid for an unjustified call.

So, what should you pay attention to before contacting a service center?

Is the split system plug plugged into an outlet . Such incidents also happen, especially if the outlet is outside your direct line of sight. It also happens that during the general cleaning, one of the household members pulled the plug out of the socket, and then forgot to put it back in place.

Is there voltage at the outlet ? Firstly, for various reasons, a circuit breaker may work, cutting off the air conditioner outlet from the electrical network. In this case, check the protection device, and if it is in the off position, turn it on again. If the defense knocks out again, then the reason lies elsewhere.

Secondly, problems may arise in the outlet itself. Contact groups may burn or fall off in it. In the end, it can simply collapse from long and careless operation. You can find the cause if you plug in any serviceable household electrical appliance, such as a table lamp or mixer, into the outlet.

Check the indoor unit of the split system . It is possible that, while removing dust from the indoor unit of the split system, you inadvertently pressed the test switch button, which is usually located on its right side. Just switch it again to the desired position.

Examine the remote control . Quite often, the culprits that the air conditioner does not turn on are discharged batteries or accumulators. Change or charge them, then try again to turn on the split system.

If the autonomous power sources of the remote control are working, then the reason may lie in its electronic filling. Check if the infrared pulse train generator is working on the remote control. Simply point the remote control at the lens of any digital camera (camera, smartphone, video or webcam) and press any button.

The flashing light of the remote control must be clearly visible on the camera screen. If there is no blinking, then the device is not working and it will need to be replaced with a similar serviceable or universal remote control, which is becoming more and more popular today.

If the air conditioner works, but it seems to you that it is not the same as before

In this case, it is necessary to establish which particular operating mode of the split system was activated. It is possible that you accidentally switched the air conditioner to automatic mode. And this mode provides that the split system can function with longer interruptions in work.

If you have activated a large number of completely unnecessary functions, and now you don’t know how to turn them off, then the easiest way out of the situation is to reset the air conditioner control settings to factory settings. Most often, the remote control has a narrow hole near the “Reset” inscription, inserting a thin object into it, you can reset all settings.

If the hardware “Reset” is not provided in the system, then you can remove the batteries from the remote control for a short time, and then insert them back. The system will automatically return to factory settings.

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