How To Reset Air Conditioner Remote
How To Reset Air Conditioner Remote

How To Reset Air Conditioner Remote ?

How To Reset Air Conditioner Remote ? Is your AC remote not working, need to reset? Have you tried pressing all the buttons and still can’t get it to control the Air Conditioner ? Don’t worry, we have solutions. We will show you how to reset your AC remote in 3 easy steps.

How to Reset Air Conditioner Remote Control

Looking for the most effective method of resetting your Air Conditioner Remote? We’ll walk you through the procedure of resetting your air conditioner’s remote control. You can use the Air Conditioner remote reset setting technique with any air conditioning remote. This is the same method that works with any universal Air Conditioner remote or the AC remote that came with your Air Conditioner unit.

When Do I Need To Reset My AC Remote?

There are several circumstances in which you may need to reset the remote control for your air conditioner. If your air conditioner’s remote control buttons aren’t responding or are delayed when you press the button for your air conditioner, you should reset it.

Three Methods To Reset An Air Conditioner Remote

Reset An AC Remote Using The RESET Button

To rapidly reset an AC remote control, use the RESET button on the AC remote or if using an AC universal remote. Press and hold the RESET button for 3-5 seconds. The RESET button is sometimes located on the back of the remote. Look on the AC remote to find the button that says “RESET”. Some AC remotes have a small hole located on the front or back, this is a reset button. Use a paperclip and press the small button for 10 seconds to reset the AC remote. If your Air Conditioner remote doesn’t have a reset button, then you need to try other solutions.

Remove The Batteries In Your AC Remote To Reset

Your AC remote’s batteries keep the programming intact. If the programmed remote stops working or it has a glitch, you can reset it to get it working again. To do this, remove the batteries from the remote control and leave them out for 5 to 15 minutes. By removing the batteries for the proper amount of time you will have reset the remote. After 5 to 15 minutes, reinsert the batteries and try using the remote functions to control the AC unit. (This procedure is also known as a factory reset)

How To Remove AC Remote Batteries

  1. Remove the back cover by pressing and sliding off.
  2. Remove the old batteries and insert the new batteries placing the (+) and (-) ends correctly.
  3. Reattach the back cover by sliding it back into position.

Dead Batteries Cause Remote To Reset And Not Work

Battery replacement is required when the batteries in your AC remote control are worn down. To reset the remote, remove the old batteries from your Air Conditioner remote control for 5 to 15 minutes. Then replace them with the same type of battery, usually AAA or AA. Your air conditioner’s remote control will be reset.

More AC Remote Control Tips

After Resetting The AC Remote It Does Not Work

After resetting the AC remote, you may have to reprogram the remote to have it working with the AC unit. If you are using a universal remote control for your AC, then you may need to program it to your AC using specific air conditioning remote codes. To find AC remote codes for all brands of split system air conditioners or window-mounted air-cons, check this informational page with AC remote codes and charts to find your AC unit’s exact remote code.

The AC Remote Is On And Working But Will Not Control Air Conditioner

There may be a variety of causes for your air conditioner remote to no longer operate your unit. One possibility is that the distance between the remote control and the air conditioner is too great. It’s also possible that there is a wall or piece of furniture in the way, preventing the remote signal from reaching the AC unit.

My AC Remote Has Flashing Lights And Will Not Control Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner remote’s buttons are flashing and won’t work on the AC unit, the batteries may be dead. Try changing the batteries in the remote to see if that solves the issue.

Air Conditioner Remote Is Faulty And Needs To Be Replaced

If your air conditioner remote control still doesn’t function, it’s probably time to buy a new one. You may want to buy a new AC remote control at a local electronics store or online. Make sure you get the correct type of Air Conditioner remote for your AC unit. You can find the same model number and brand remote control or use a universal type and program it to your AC unit. Follow the instructions that came with your new remote to program it to your air conditioner.Air

Conditioner remote not working

Follow these simple steps next time your AC remote isn’t working properly and needs a reset. If you have any questions about how to reset your AC remote or troubleshoot other Air Conditioner problems, contact us using the comments below.

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