How to Reset Microwaves
How to Reset Microwaves

How to Reset Microwaves ?

How to Reset Microwaves ? Its handy size allows it to be placed in places where space is limited, such as countertops, provided it is close to wall outlets, making it a very useful kitchen tool. However, from time to time, the microwave display may become stuck, the buttons may become unresponsive, or the microwave clock may malfunction. To fix these issues, you can perform a simple reset.

Microwave Reset Factory Settings

Can a microwave be reprogrammed? There are two ways to reset the microwave oven. Pressing the “Off/Reset” button for about 3 seconds also enables the microwave control lock. If you accidentally press this button during microwave cooking, you just need to press the desired setting to make it work again.

Why does my microwave say “baby” on it? When you turn on the microwave oven for the first time and operate normally, the CHILD LOCK function is disabled. If “LOCK” or “CHILD” appears on your display. . . Press the Stop button three (3) times and the CHILD LOCK will be disabled. Press the Start button three (3) times and the CHILD LOCK will be enabled.

Locate the “Clear/Shutdown” button on the front of the microwave. Hold down for 3-5 seconds until the “LOC” error on the display disappears or the timer or cooking time on the display is reset. If you want to reset the microwave itself (including the clock settings) or if the microwave controls are not responding, go to step 2.

Carefully move the microwave away from the wall so that you can reach the outlet. Make sure that the microwave oven does not hang over the table or the edge of the table as it may fall.

Grasp the power cord at the base of the plug where the plug meets the wall outlet and pull it out of the outlet. Wait a minute or two before continuing.

Plug the power cord back into the outlet and put the microwave back in place. The display should be blank or “00:00” flashing.

Press the Clock button and enter the current time.

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